Are your Helpline Cards and Posters up to date?

In 2018 we introduced enhancements and updates to the ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) Worker Helpline. These updates include extended operating hours and a new phone number. 

We have also designed new versions of the Helpline Posters and Helpline Cards which must be distributed to all workers at your factory.  The new Helpline Card design is more engaging for workers and features the new Helpline number.  

Please now check Helpline Cards and Helpline Posters at your factory to ensure you are using the latest versions displaying the correct information

  • The helpline number is 4001-583580 
  • The new IETP logo is instead on top instead of the old ICTI CARE logo

It has always been a requirement for obtaining certification that all workers are provided with Helpline Cards and that Helpline Posters are displayed in the factory. 

Following a grace period, during which auditors reminded factories to update the helpline cards and posters, from March 1st it will be an audit violation if workers are not in possession of the latest Helpline Cards or the latest Helpline Poster is not displayed in the factory. This audit violation will be logged as a minor non-compliance in violation of checkpoint number 10.4.1 in the IETP Audit Checklist.

This requirement only applies to factories in mainland China where our Worker Helpline is in operation.

How to update your Helpline Cards and Posters

If you have not already updated your Helpline Cards and Posters you can do so either by ordering them from IETP or by printing your own copies for your workforce. 

If you would like to order them from IETP please email your Factory ID number and the required order quantity of Helpline Cards and Posters to Please note that you can order packages of 500 cards and 5 posters for HK $100.

Alternatively, you can download and print copies of the Helpline Cards and Posters using the following links: 

·     Helpline Cards – Download in English or Chinese

·     Helpline Posters – Download in English or Chinese

If you have any questions about the Worker Helpline or about the card and poster, please feel free to contact us at