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Tools and support to raise standards and achieve your responsible sourcing aims

Responsible sourcing is vital to any toy company looking to manage risk and protect reputation.

ICTI Ethical Toy Program membership brings buyers and manufacturers together to raise standards in the toy industry supply chain.

How membership helps you

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    Access tools

    Our Connect Platform lets members monitor and manage ethical supply chain information quickly and easily, putting you in control of your supply chain data and saving time and money  

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    Demonstrate commitment

    Ethical Toy Program Buyer Membership Principles enable the cross-industry collaboration and transparency needed to improve working conditions and raise standards at scale.

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    Increase efficiency

    Members get instant access to critical social compliance data and our global database of ethically-certified toy factories, reducing duplication, lowering cost and increasing efficiency 

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    Raise standards

    Our program targets responsible sourcing issues pertinent to toy manufacturing - creating safer working conditions for hundreds of thousands of workers and supporting factories to make improvements in their operations

Membership Benefits

  1. We are a dedicated toy program

    Our toy specialism means our certification is specifically designed to reflect the unique manufacturing environment at toy factories

  2. Established and effective program

    The program is used and accepted by over a thousand toy brands and retailers. Our certification makes it easier to get your products on retailers’ shelves

  3. Leave it to us

    Ethical Toy Program Factory Certification means all non-compliances are closed off, leaving you in safe hands

  4. Manage risk

    Toy brands and retailers face a growing list of supply chain risks and challenges. Our program is designed to address the social compliance issues you face.

  5. Support where you need it most

    Our expert team are on-the-ground in key toy sourcing countries – providing insights on any potential disruptions, special investigations, and fast follow-up with factories

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Ready to join the global community of brands and retailers committed to responsible sourcing?  

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The Walt Disney Company

Laura Rubbo, Director, Responsible Governance and Supply Chain

"The Ethical Toy Program has made an important contribution to the toy industry in reducing the duplication of social compliance audits. Having a single audit protocol for the industry frees up resources to focus on continuous improvement.  In addition, the Ethical Toy Program performs a valuable function in coordinating action when concerns are raised about working conditions in factories.  We value their investigation, analysis, and communication in the factories used by our licensees or shared with other brands."

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