Buyer Membership

ICTI Ethical Toy Program buyer membership is available to businesses who would like to advance their ESG strategy and gain better oversight across their entire supply chain.

Membership to our program provides essential oversight and assurance of labor standards, it also goes beyond audits to strengthen suppliers' engagement. Helping your products arrive on shelf quickly.

Assurance of the labor standards in your global supply chain

 On-the-ground teams where your suppliers are

Expand your supplier base with ethical suppliers

Instant alerts if disruptions occur in your supply chain

 Membership Exclusive Benefits

  • Access to Connect Platform, an all-in-one responsible sourcing platform, to monitor and manage your supply chain, receive instant social compliance alerts and audit data as soon as its available
  • Outsource your responsible sourcing program to our expert team
  • Tackle root causes using our expert special investigation team, working on-the-ground to solve problems and engaging factory management
  • Strengthen your stakeholder engagement with our dedicated support