Membership Principles

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Buyer Membership Principles

Ethical Toy Program Members are required to communicate their progress towards achieving these Principles to the Ethical Toy Program on an annual basis.

1. Endorse the Ethical Toy Program and our process

  • Submit a commitment letter (signed by a Senior Company Executive) supporting the IETP mission
  • Publish a statement acknowledging the Company’s IETP membership (accessible on the company’s website and communicated to suppliers)

2. Communicate your company’s commitment to responsible sourcing internally

  • Appoint staff member(s) responsible for communicating and implementing the Company’s responsible sourcing policy and standards
  • Train all relevant staff members on the Company’s commitments to responsible sourcing

3. Reduce the burden of duplicate social audits and requirements

  • Source from IETP Certified factories where possible
  • Use the IETP Connect Platform to view supplier information and verify factory status

4. Act with transparency by disclosing 1st tier suppliers to IETP

  • Annually, submit a list of all 1st-tier toy and entertainment suppliers to the IETP, or publicly disclose this information via Company website

5. Support suppliers’ development needs and strengthen capability

  • Encourage factories to attend IETP training sessions, utilize IETP resources that build capability

6. Work with IETP to protect and improve the rights and well-being of factory workers

  • Work with IETP, other IETP members, and relevant stakeholders to support the ongoing development of IETP in protecting the rights and well-being of factory workers

7. Participate in IETP Working Groups to identify and address issues of importance

  • Work together with the IETP, other IETP members, and relevant stakeholders to identity and address responsible sourcing challenges and responses to them

8. Pay membership fee to support these principles

  • Pay annual membership fee