Download our Peak Season Recruitment Practices Briefing

Guidance on avoiding peak season hiring pitfalls

The peak season for toy manufacturer is fast approaching.  Statistics from the Ethical Toy Program show that on average toy factory worker numbers can fluctuate by as much as 58% between high and low season. 

These seasonal swings in production demand at factories can create a need to substantially increase the workforce during the summer months. This added pressure and high intake of workers creates risks which can lead to poor recruitment practices.

Research has also shown that poor buying practices – such as inadequate planning and forecasting or poor production management - can create added pressures that can undermine a factory’s efforts to recruit workers responsibly.  

Our Recruitment Practices Briefing provides clear guidance and best practice on how to avoid peak season recruitment pitfalls, along with practical tips to help factories adhere to the Ethical Toy Program requirements.

Guidance in the briefing covers areas including how to verify identification to avoid hiring underage workers, advice when using labor agents or brokers, and on hiring student workers. 

The briefing is available to download in English and Chinese: