Introducing IETP E-learning Platform

What is this?

IETP launches first-of-its-kind E-learning platform for suppliers to build capability and raise standards. We aim to build factory knowledge and capability on responsible sourcing, supporting factories to make improvements and helping them to get the most from the Ethical Toy Program.

IETP’s in-person training sessions attracted over 1,110 factory representatives in 2019 and 1,560 in 2018. To build on this success, we would like to scale up our capability-building program to cover both factory management and workers via digital learning.

The E-learning platform contains informative videos powered by Quizrr, followed by a mini-test carefully designed by IETP’s expert team to strengthen the connection between the videos and the IETP standard. The training modules are only available to IETP factory members as they gain access via the Connect Platform.

The first training modules to be launched on the E-learning platform focus on Workplace Safety and Responsible Recruitment. Workplace Safety modules are available at basic and advanced levels. Responsible Recruitment (Modern Slavery/ Involuntary Work) is an advanced topic that will be launched in July.

What are the benefits?

The E-learning Platform provides valuable resources for factories to conduct suitable capability building programs according to the needs of its management and workers.

  • Free, the resources are available to all valid IETP factory members , free of charge
  • No geographic limitation, with a stable internet connection, factory members can assess Chinese/ English version at their convenience
  • Measurable, performance will be shown via an instant test score, factory members can identify areas of improvement needed
  • Become an expert, factory members can use the advanced modules to deepen their understanding of responsible sourcing and IETP requirements
  • Get new hires up to speed, factory members can deploy the basic modules as an internal training program to introduce new colleagues to the concepts
  • Impactful Pre-job/ OHS training material, factory members can also use these videos for internal training, effectively educate workers on workplace safety, rights and responsibilities

How to access the training modules?

  1. Login to the Connect Platform, click "Online Training" on the top right corner

  2. In the IETP x Quizrr page, watch the video first

  3. After the video, "Take the Test" to check your understanding. You'll receive the test score instantly

  4. Share your score with us or with your colleague, see who will get the highest one

Feedback & Inquiries

This is a pilot program, we would love to hear your thoughts toward the videos, tests, topics etc. Please feel free to share your feedback and inquiries with our helpdesk via

Learn more about Quizrr

Please visit or get in touch with Quizrr via

About the E-learning Platform

  1. quizrr.png

    Quizrr created the engaging videos in basic and advanced level, and empowered the E-learning platform

  2. ETP logo_logo-colour.png

    IETP expert team carefully designed the mini-test to strengthen the connection between the videos and the IETP standard

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