Ethical Toy Program publishes new Worker Helpline Briefing

The Ethical Toy Program Worker Helpline was first launched in 2010 to inform, educate and empower workers so they can effectively manage work-related issues and their personal lives.  

Over the past nine years we have distributed over 1.5 million Helpline Cards to 1,777 factories providing over 700,000 workers with information on how to contact the Helpline and on their rights. 

Since launch in 2010, the Helpline has received calls from over 15,500 workers and over 1,000 cases have been escalated to our teams on the ground in China for further investigation and remediation where necessary.

In January, Ethical Toy Program Senior Vice President, Mark Robertson presented at the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs' National Action Plan Conference on Supply Chain Grievance mechanisms. At the event Mark launched the new Worker Helpline Briefing and highlighted the impact our Worker Helpline has had over the years and shared stories from workers and factories who have used the service.

The Helpline provides support and remedy for workers in factories in China in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights.

The Helpline is a core element of the Ethical Toy Program. Helpline data and insights are used to determine which issues need reinforcement during audits, factory training programs and worker well-being projects. By engaging factory workers and protecting their interests, the toy industry can confidently assure consumers that its products are manufactured in factories which protect the rights and well-being of workers.

To read more about the service and the benefits it delivers to workers, factories, brands and retailers, download our new briefing released in January here.