Certification, training and support to help meet your customer's ethical standards, invest in your workforce, and strengthen your business

How we help factories

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    Meet buyers' standards

    Our ethical certification meets the social compliance needs of your customers and is accepted across the toy industry

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    Support you to drive improvements

    Our guidance, tools and training increase your understanding of ethical manufacturing and help you to improve your business practices

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    Create value

    Ethical manufacturing is not only good for your workers but good for your business too. Benefits include reduced worker turnover, increased productivity and new business opportunities

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    Make it quick and simple

    Joining the Ethical Toy Program saves your factory time and money, enabling you to avoid duplication by sharing the same audit information with multiple customers

How to get certified

Join the global community of ethically certified toy factories. 

How to

Factory lookup

Check the Certification status of any factory in the Ethical Toy Program, or validate the authenticity of certificates or audit reports.

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"ICTI Ethical Toy Program is endorsed by a wide range of customers, such as publishers, toy brands and retailers. For businesses like ours that serve different industries, IETP allows us to avoid the frustration of having to obtain multiple certifications"

Alice Yeung, Administration Director, Golden Cup Printing Co., Ltd.

What makes our factory certification program different

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    Support to help fix issues

    We support you through training and development opportunities and we are dedicated to ensuring the program works for you

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    Designed for toy factories

    Our toy factory certification is tailored to meet the unique manufacturing environment at toy factories - and accepted by buyers the toy industry

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    Integrity and trust

    All ICTI Ethical Toy Program Accredited Third-Party Auditors commit to behaving professionally and with integrity at all times.

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    Toy industry experts

    We understand toy manufacture. Our certification is designed for the unique manufacturing requirements at toys - and accepted by buyers across the industry

Supporting your workers

The Ethical Toy Program runs programs to promote the safety and well-being of workers employed at toy factories around the world. Find out how these programs can help you support workers at your factory.

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Meet your customers requirements

"Crayola has a long standing commitment to ethical sourcing and supporting the rights of workers in our extended global supply chain. The Ethical Toy Program is a critical component to help us meet this obligation. Because of IETP's deep knowledge and expertise in the toy industry, we believe they are best suited to partner with us in this very important work."

Bonnie Hall, Vice President, Global Quality and Continuous Improvement at Crayola.

Upcoming training

Ethical Toy Program Essentials 2 Day

Dongguan, China


9-10 June, 2021
The comprehensive, two-day training course provides participants with a detailed understanding of the Ethical Toy Program

Dongguan, China

Ethical Toy Program Essentials 2 Day

Shenzhen, China


29-30 Jun, 2021
Comprehensive, two-day training course provides participants with a detailed understanding of the Ethical Toy Program

Shenzhen, China

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