Family-Friendly Spaces Sharing Conference 2020

FFS aims to provide secure and well-equipped spaces at factories for children to learn and play while their parents work. By embracing this program during these challenging times, these factories are showing themselves to be supportive, caring, and family-friendly employers.

The virtual sharing conference will gather participating factories and supporting brands from this year’s FFS program to reflect on impacts and achievements as well as invite brands and factories who are new to the program to learn more. 2019 was our largest FFS program to date covering 30 factories in 5 provinces in China to support 1,100 children and their 1,200+ worker parents at factories. Although the size of this year’s program had reduced due to COVID-19, we are confident and expect the FFS program, which is beneficial to all involved including workers, children, factory management, and buyers,  will reach new heights in 2021.

Conference details:

  • Time: 22 Oct, 2020. 2:30-4:30pm (HKT)
  • Venue: Virtual Meeting
  • Participants: Toy Associations, Brands, Retailers, Factory Representatives
  • Cost: FREE
  • Language: Putonghua

Conference agenda includes:

  1. How to maximize program benefits to reach more children

  2. Business benefits from Worker Well-Being Programs

  3. Plan for 2021 - learn how to get involved

How to register:

Other resouceces:

  • Our booklet 'Best for Workers' outlines how our worker well-being program can support parent workers at your factories. Download to find out more about how the programs work, the benefits they deliver and how you get involved.
  • An interview with Golden Cup - understand what promoted them to take part in the FFS program since 2017