Free Rural-Urban Integration illustrated booklet to support migrant factory workers

Feedback from factories in the Ethical Toy Program tells us that migrant factory workers from rural communities can sometimes struggle to adapt to working life when they first arrive in the city. This can reduce levels of wellbeing amongst workers, and ultimately impact negatively on productivity.

To help, the Ethical Toy Program has produced a Rural-Urban Integration illustrated booklet for migrant factory workers in China. The booklet is full of useful tips and information on how to adapt to city life and workplace culture.

Designed in an informative, yet entertaining comic book style, the booklet is intended as a resource which factory workers can read in their leisure time. The booklet also serves as a useful resource for factory managers to help them better understand, communicate, and motivate migrant workers, helping to accelerate their adjustment to workplace culture.

So far, 163 Ethical Toy Program Certified factories have each received 5 free copies of the booklet to be made available to employees. Feedback on the booklet has been very positive:

  • 80% agreed the booklets have helped workers integrate into factory/city life more easily
  • 93% were inspired by the booklet and started to think more about how to take care of their workers

It is clear that factories really value the booklets as a useful resource to help support migrant workers, with the ultimate aim of increasing worker satisfaction levels and boosting productivity.

We will continue to send 5 free copies of the booklet to all factories when they first receive their Ethical Toy Program certification. If your factory is already certified and you would like to request copies of the booklet, please email for more information.