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Updated 18th December, 2018

The application process for the Catalogue has ended. You may click here to download a copy.

Contact if you wish to collect Ethical Toy Program's logos to display on your booth.

Join our catalogue of IETP Certified Factories and collect your free IETP logo to display at Toy Fair.

We want to help your factory get the most from your ICTI Ethical Toy Program Certification (IETP). This year, we are offering two promotional schemes to increase your factory’s visibility and help you connect with more buyers at the HKTDC Hong Kong Toy and Games Fair 2019.  

1) Join our Catalogue of IETP Certified Toy Factory Exhibitors

We are compiling a Catalogue to profile IETP Certified factories who are exhibiting at Hong Kong Toy and Games Fair 2019. This Factory Catalogue will be made available to IETP toy buyer members visiting the Toy Fair to help them find IETP Certified manufactures exhibiting at the Fair. The Catalogue will also be available to toy buyers who visit IETP’s booth on the fair dates.

Exhibiting IETP Certified factories should please submit this form to be listed in our Factory Catalogue for Toy Fair.


2) Collect and display the Ethical Toy Program logo

In the past two years of HKTDC Toy Fair in Hong Kong, we have provided printed copies of the IETP logos for factories to prominently display at their exhibition booth.

Displaying the IETP logo on your booth makes it easy for the 1,100+ toy brands and retailers that source toys and games through the IETP program to recognize your factory as an IETP Certified supplies, opening doors to new conversations and business opportunities.

We will again distribute logo print-outs to our factories exhibiting at the Fair to display in a prominent area at their booths.

Visit the IETP booth (3D-D40) at HKTDC Hong Kong Toy and Games Fair 2019 to collect your free IETP logo to display on your exhibition booth.


The above promotional opportunities are offered to our factories free of charge.


Raising your profile at toy fair

The IETP team works to ensure that our factory and buyer members are profiled at Toy Fairs around the world.  These promotional activities at Toy Fairs receives positive feedback from buyers and factories. Buyers who were not previously aware of the program were attracted to our booth to learn about our program and suppliers of different products across the world with our standard.

This year we aim to further raise the profile of IETP certified factories at the HKTDC Hong Kong Toy and Games Fair with a catalogue for buyers, encouraging more buyers to source from factories in our program.


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