IETP Annual Review 2018 & 2019 now available

Celebrating significant growth and development at the ICTI Ethical Toy Program

2018 and 2019 was a period of investment, growth, and development for the ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP). With the support of our members, our global community of stakeholders, and our dedicated team much has been achieved, demonstrating the power and impact of collaboration.

The drivers of our success were the strong relationships and synergies between IETP, the factories, brands, retailers, and civil society groups that share the same vision: to build better lives for workers and stable, resilient, and trusted supply chains.  

Join us to reflect on and celebrate the achievements we have accomplished together. Without the support and involvement from stakeholders like you, these would not be possible.

Highlights include:

Program enhancements

  • Refreshed our program name and branding, updated mission and strategy
  • Conducted our largest program review to date, involving hundreds of brands, factories, retailers, NGOs and toy associations
  • Simplified our certification methodology; introduced a risk graded version of IETP Audit Checklist

Building capability and driving improvements

  • Introduced Progress Visits, improving communication, trust, and transparency
  • Hosted over 40 in-person training sessions and trained more than 2,700 factory management personnel
  • Organized seminars to enable our members to develop knowledge and share insights

Advancing worker well-being

  • Family-Friendly Spaces expanded, with 1,100+ children participating in 2019
  • Worker Helpline extended its operating hours from 10 hours to 12 hours a day and increased call volume by 70%

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