To Ensure the Quality of Our Certification Program, IETP Regularly Performs KPI Reviews of Accredited Audit Firms

Quality and integrity are core components of IETP’s Social Impact Assessment and compliance certification. To ensure all assessments and audits are of the highest standard, IETP conducts regular Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reviews of all our accredited audit firms to monitor their performance and highlight areas that require improvement.

IETP’s robust compliance certification combines both unannounced audits and announced Progress Visits (PV). In the first quarter of 2021, IETP has separately conducted KPI reviews on these two elements, provided our third-party audit firms with feedback, analytics, and best practices to prompt continuous improvement.

Taking Progress Visits (PVs) as an example. Post-certification follow-up is an essential element of the IETP certification, at the same time, it is also important for brands, retailers, and licensors to know supplier factories are making efforts to improve labour conditions.

Progress Visits promote communication, trust, and transparency by providing opportunities for factories to openly share and discuss social compliance challenges. During Progress Visits, factories will receive guidance and support to help them address issues identified. Therefore, IETP needs to evaluate the performance of our third-party Progress Visit Specialists to make sure they have the skills and knowledge to meet expectations from IETP and our stakeholders. 

In the KPI review meeting, IETP Program Support & Engagement team gathered technical managers of all accredited firms to:

  • Provide updates on IETP, clarify and reaffirm our expectations on Progress Visits
  • Analyze their current performance, benchmark, and compare scores on various criteria (e.g.: quality of the report or communication between suppliers)
  • Highlight Q&As and common mistakes, introduce solutions for enhancement

In addition to these regular reviews, factories in our certification program provide anonymous, numerical assessment to rate auditors and PV specialists. Factories offer unique insights into the performance and conduct of auditors during the assessment process, and this confidential evaluation enables factories to report concerns relating to quality or integrity issues.

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