IETP Enhances its Social Impact Assessment with a Multifunctional Digital Platform

Launched in 2020, the ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) Social Impact Assessment Program (SIA), was developed to provide a trusted method of evaluation, cost effectively and efficiently, of a company’s ability to manage labor standards risks.   

SIA assesses a manufacturing site, vendor, agent or licensee’s social impact by evaluating the effectiveness of the management systems in place for labor, environmental, and health & safety compliance in their businesses and in their supply chains.  

SIA is not an audit, it allows companies to gain a new level of oversight over suppliers that they previously may not have been able to assess or audit such as beyond tier one or for suppliers for whom an on-site audit may not be appropriate, for example those where the business relationship may be short term, just starting or where the buyer has low influence.  

Following a successful launch in 2020 involving manufacturers, agents, distributors and licensees based in the UK, USA, Caribbean, Middle East and Mainland Europe, we have further invested to support the growth of SIA with the launch of a digital platform.

Launching a Multifunctional Online Portal


Equipped with the flexibility to implement this responsible supply chain program at scale and globally, SIA is conducted via a combination of self-assessment and a prescheduled remote evaluations.  

To improve the experience for factories, vendors, brands and retailers, IETP has invested in a user-friendly online portal to make self-assessment and data-driven analytics easier.

  • Suppliers (Factories and Vendors) can now complete the self-assessment on the digital platform, with functionality to add supporting evidence and remarks. They can also save their progress at any time to revisit the self-assessment later
  • Customers (brands/retailers) can access reports instantly on the platform, saving time and effort


  • Customers (brands & retailers) are able to access  data driven analysis and interactive charts to show the assessment results.  They are empowered to use these smart analytics as baseline ratings and if required, establish a clear path to improve and measure improvements of their supply chain sustainability program over time.

Use Social Impact Assessments to gain supplier oversight


Anywhere in your supply chain where you do not have oversight is a potential risk to your corporate reputation and could negatively impact your products availability.  Whether this is through licensing of your IP, which may mean you do not have visibility of how and where product is being manufactured, or for a direct supplier based in a perceived lower-risk region such as Europe or the USA. 

By requesting that your suppliers, agents or licensees participate in the SIA program, all parties will benefit. You will gain required oversight of where and how your products, or products with your IP, are being produced and suppliers will better understand their strengths and their risk areas in meeting your social compliance requirements.   

Following completion of the assessment, each participating company will receive a tailored improvement plan, identifying areas to focus on and specific recommended actions they can take in each area to improve.  

If you would like to enroll your suppliers in the program or want to learn more about how it can work for your company, contact the Social Impact Program Manager for more information.