Webinar: Improve Supply Chain Transparency Through Worker Insights

Supply Chain Transparency is crucial to your responsible sourcing strategy, especially when travel restrictions make it difficult for you to visit business partners and their premises. 

The IETP Worker Helpline was established in 2010, to further drive supply chain transparency enabling buyers & suppliers to access information in real-time, uncovering potential issues that may be occurring in their factories that urgently need addressing. The helpline is designed to inform, educate and empower workers so they can effectively manage work-related issues and also information relating to their personal lives.  

This webinar will share trends and implications gained from the 17,770+ workers who have contacted the IETP Worker Helpline, and the analytics tools available at IETP to help you translate lessons learned to create business value and promote a more resilient supply chain.

Webinar:  Improve Supply Chain Transparency Through Worker Insights

23 March 2022 | Online

*Trends *Implications *Analytics tools

Why Attend?

When IETP launched the Worker Helpline, a grievance mechanism for supply chains, in 2010, it primarily supported workers and IETP factory members based in mainland China. In 2021, the Helpline, which remains a free service, expanded to Vietnam. During the Webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from experienced team members responsible for:

  • Managing Helpline operations  (Anita Lo, General Manager, Asia Operations)
  • Taking action when the Helpline alerts to potential risks at factories (Johnny Kong, COO)
  • Turning data into meaningful analytics (Freeman Fang, IT Manager)

You will:

  • Gain insights into trends and lessons learned over the years
  • Understand areas of vulnerability & potential risks to be aware of
  • Receive advice through the social compliance lens
  • Be given the analytics tools to access and analyze key data sets