IETP expands Worker Helpline to support frontline workers in Vietnam

As one of the leading responsible supply chain programs committed to supporting the well-being of factory workers, IETP operates a Worker Helpline that offers free, confidential information and advice to factory workers.

The purpose of the Helpline is to inform, educate and empower workers so they can effectively manage work-related issues and their personal lives. It also acts as a confidential grievance mechanism, when needed.

IETP Worker Helpline is already available to over 1.5 million workers at nearly 2,000 factory members, in China and over the last decade it has provided direct support to over 18,000 workers through free, confidential counseling and advice.

While IETP is growing its geographical coverage on its assessment and certification programs, it is also expanding the service of its Worker Helpline to Vietnam, the country with the second-largest number of its factory members in the globe.

In March, IETP gathered factories management in Vietnam for a webinar to ensure they are clear and aware of our development plan. The session discussed:

  • Background of the Worker Helpline
  • Benefits of the Worker Helpline
  • Operational flow of the Worker Helpline in Vietnam
  • Implementation timeline

The toll-free Worker Helpline was launched in April, our specialist on the ground in Vietnam, as well as our experienced helpline team in China, will closely evaluate its efficiency and make improvements to adjust to the needs and corporate culture in Vietnam.

The expansion of the Worker Helpline will increase supply chain transparency, as a result, uncover potential issues or hazards. Also, the additional communication support between workers and factory management complements their existing grievance channels, it will foster positive and fruitful exchanges for all.

Click here to read our report: IETP Worker Helpline – Celebrating 10 Years of Support; for more information about the IETP Worker Helpline in Vietnam, please contact