IETP partners to create the world’s first virtual supply chain monitoring platform

COVID-19 has disrupted the day to day operations of many organizations whilst the necessity for labor standards oversight has never been higher.  In order to minimise such disruption, we are investing in technology.  This investment will ensure we are always able to provide our members with trusted data and business critical assurance.  In late 2020 we partnered with Diginex Solutions, a technology company with a focus on responsible business, to create the world’s first multi-party, virtual supply chain monitoring platform, which also enables better protection of workers as we operate responsibly in a COVID-19 environment. 


The platform collects and surfaces data on factory-level working conditions through evidentiary documentation, interactive conferencing and multi-stage verification. Both Workers and Managers will be involved in the data inputs, ensuring that we hear directly from Workers as part of our assurance process.  Supporting the platform design process has been the IETP Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) which members include senior representatives from major brands and retailers, toy manufacturers and business associations.  You can find out more about the TAC here.


IETP CEO, Carmel Giblin, said “COVID-19 has presented challenges for us all but it has also created an environment of innovation.  The IETP team and our members are not only thinking about how can we respond to the present environment but also about the opportunity to adapt and find smarter ways of working in the future”. 


We are now in the final stages of designing the user interfaces and will shortly start to test the platform. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on this exciting development.