IETP launches new E-learning module to raise suppliers’ awareness of Modern Slavery

Building on the success of the new e-learning platform, IETP is launching the second module designed to raise factory members’ awareness of Modern Slavery. Investors, consumers, and governments are increasingly expecting businesses to perform due diligence to ensure their supply chains are modern-slavery-free, and new and stronger anti-slavery laws are approaching to enforce this. Therefore, businesses need to get a good understanding of the issue and its potential impact.

In the E-learning platform, videos and mini-tests are available to educate factory members on the essential concept, the various forms modern slavery can take, and the impact it can have on workers, customers, and the factory themselves.

The videos powered by Quizrr will also outline the relevant International laws and regulations that factories should be aware of, for example, the UK Modern Slavery Act, tips to identify the issue, as well as practical guidance on prevention and, where necessary, remediation.

The mini-tests are carefully designed by IETP’s expert team and are designed to help factory members reinforce what they have learned from the videos and check how well they have understood the material. The tests also strengthen the connection between the videos and the requirements factories have to meet as part of the IETP standard.

The first training modules on the platform launched in June, focusing on Workplace Safety and Responsible Recruitment. Since launch, these modules have been completed by over 400 participants. The Modern Slavery module will be added to the E-learning platform to broaden the online capability building series of IETP and will be available to IETP factory members from 31 July 2020.

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