IETP Accredited New Auditors into Social Compliance Certification Program

As the specialist responsible program designed by the industry for the industry, the ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) offers a trusted certification program to help brands and retailers improve supply chain transparency and strengthen supply chain stability, as a result, meeting both regulatory requirements and customers’ expectations that their products are ethically made and have continuity of supply.

IETP’s robust factory audit plays an important role to ensure this, its Social Compliance Certification Program identifies and remediates risks that may pose disruption in the supply chain, and take further steps to certify suppliers meet the required compliance standards. Ensuring the quality and competency of the third-party auditors is one of the core elements of the certification program.

To become an IETP accredited auditor, compliance professionals must meet the following requirements:

-           Instructed by one of IETP’s accredited audit partners,

-           Experienced in social audit,

-           Registered with APSCA (Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors), and

-           Have received IETP’s auditor training and qualified by IETP

In September, IETP’s Program Monitoring and Development team organized a 3-day training course for 13 auditors seeking IETP accreditation. The training course aimed to enhance auditors’ understanding of the certification program so they could gain an in-depth knowledge of the IETP Audit Checklist. Understanding IETP’s high expectations and standards regarding integrity and professional performance, as well as technical alignment to ensure the consistency in their interpretation of the required standard.  

As part of IETP’s quality control mechanism, every time an auditor completes an onsite audit on IETP’s behalf, the auditors are then evaluated by suppliers via an online auditor assessment system. Suppliers rate auditor’s performance and share their feedback so IETP can take any necessary actions, these statistics are also analyzed in the regular Key Performance Indicators (KPI) review with the audit firms’ executives.

To learn more about how the business benefits of IETP’s social compliance certification program, please select:  I’m a buyer / I’m a supplier.

IETP new auditor training 2021

To learn more about how the business benefits of IETP’s social compliance certification program, please select from the below: