Introducing the Factory Welcome Pack

Introducing the Factory Welcome Pack 

The Ethical Toy Program Factory Welcome Pack is a new resource to help toy factories get started with ethical manufacturing.

The Welcome Pack provides a comprehensive introduction to the Ethical Toy Program Audit Process, clear guidance on how to get started, as well as tips and resources to help factories get the most out their certification.

The Welcome Pack is the first of its kind for the Ethical Toy Program. It is designed to ensure factories get the most out of their membership to the Ethical Toy Program, and to realize the benefits of ethical manufacturing.

The pack also serves as a useful resource for brands and retailers to understand what is required from their suppliers when they request Ethical Toy Program Certification.


What does the Welcome Pack contain?

The pack provides a snapshot of the core elements that Ethical Toy Program Certification covers to help factories understand these requirements. 

Factories receive an overview of the many benefits becoming Ethical Toy Program certified will bring to their business.

An overview of Ethical Toy Program’s five-step registration process. Each step is broken down and requirements are clearly explained with hyperlinks, resources, and tips provided. All elements are covered, from what happens on an audit day to detailed explanations of all Ethical Toy Program Seal types and examples of Critical Violations and Zero Tolerance issues.

The pack also outlines the various training and capability buildings courses Ethical Toy Program offers to factories and how to sign up.

Finally, the comprehensive resource section provides download links to all useful documents, videos, briefings and information on the Helpline for factory workers along with contact information for the Ethical Toy Program Factory Helpdesk.  

The Welcome Pack is available in English and Chinese, download it here.

Our Factory Helpdesk team are on hand to provide further guidance on all aspects of the Ethical Toy Program. Factories can contact the Helpdesk Team at or call (+852) 2111 2462

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