Introducing Progress Visits

Enhanced capability building and extra support for IETP Certified Factories

Ongoing training, guidance and support are key to helping factories remain in compliance with ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) standards once auditors have left. 

We regularly update IETP to ensure the program is both responsive to the evolving needs of the toy industry, and effective in supporting factories to meet social compliance standards. From October 2018, IETP is replacing Progress Audits with Progress Visits, and in November 2018 we will launch a new Audit Checklist and a new methodology for Factory Certification.

The introduction of Progress Visits is an exciting step forward in the levels of guidance, training and support we offer to factories. Different from a traditional audit approach, Progress Visits are announced factory visits to review and discuss progress in maintaining IETP social compliance standards. 

Progress Visits promote communication, trust and transparency by providing opportunities for factories to openly share and discuss social compliance challenges. During Progress Visits, factories will receive guidance and support to help them address issues identified. Factory training programs will run alongside Progress Visits to offer further support. 

The introduction of PVs means fewer audits, and more support for factories. PVs will increase our understanding of the social compliance challenges you face so we can offer increased guidance and training to help your factory address these. 

Differences between Progress Audits (PA) and Progress Visits (PV):

  • Previously, results of the PA could result in a downgrade of your certification level. With the new PV certification status will only be affected if a Zero Tolerance issue is found
  • PA are unannounced audits, our new PVs which replace them are supportive, announced visit which factories can plan for in advance  
  • Previously, the PA only covered areas in the IETP Checklist. PV will look at issues in the checklist but also go beyond this, sharing best practice ideas and featuring open discussion and Q&A sessions where you can ask any questions you have
  • Previously, PA was only conducted by one of our four accredited audit firms. A PV can be conducted by audit firm, IETP team or other specialist organizations

Read our Progress Visits Q&A:

Progress Visits are already underway, please download our Q&A to learn more and understand how our new approach to monitoring progress and supporting factories will benefit your business.