New Audit Checklist and Certification

The ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) recently ran a public consultation and subsequent industry engagement to gather feedback on an enhanced, graded version of the IETP Audit Checklist and proposals for a new Rating System for IETP Certification.

The public consultation and industry engagement ran from November 2017 to May 2018. Hundreds of organizations participated in the consultation process with feedback received from toy factories, brands, retailers, associations, civil society groups, and NGOs.

An advance copy of the finalized version of the new IETP Audit Checklist is available below, along with an overview of the other changes we are making in response to the public consultation and industry engagement.

Please note that factories will be audited against the new IETP Audit Checklist from Nov 1st 2018. Audits conducted before this date will use the existing checklist available here.

Download the new IETP Audit Checklist and overview document to see all checkpoints and new gradings in full.

Key documents

Download the overview document and the working version of the checklist in English

Download the working version of the Checklist in Chinese

We will continue to update IETP to ensure our program evolves to meet the needs of our stakeholders; is responsive to regulation and best practice; and remains as effective as possible in building better lives for workers, and a stronger industry, through the ethical production of toys.

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