New benchmarking study to develop the ICTI Ethical Toy Program

ICTI Ethical Toy Program has started work on a major benchmarking study which will compare and contrast our program against other successful responsible sourcing codes and standards.

The principle objectives of this study are to learn from other responsible sourcing leaders and apply these learnings to increase the effectiveness of the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in driving labor standards globally.   

The study is benchmarking ICTI Ethical Toy Program against both industry-specific ethical manufacturing programs such as the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and larger multi-sector responsible sourcing programs such as Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

In addition to desk-based research and analysis, the benchmarking work will incorporate interviews with toy brand and retailer users of the ICTI Ethical Toy Program and also external stakeholders.  

The benchmark will help us identify areas where ICTI Ethical Toy Program Certification needs to be strengthened or updated to cover new issues. We will also look for opportunities to extend the ICTI Ethical Toy Program beyond auditing to encompass capability programs and also strengthen our committed brands program.

Learnings from the study will ultimately help ensure that ICTI Ethical Toy Program keeps pace with the needs of buyers and manufacturers, increases its effectiveness in making a positive difference in the lives of workers, and is responsive to trends and opportunities in ethical manufacturing.

The initial phase of the benchmarking project will conclude in April, with findings presented to the ICTI Ethical Toy Program Governance Board meeting in May.