Ethical Toy Program announces new panel of approved third-party audit companies

Audit quality is a core priority at Ethical Toy Program. Every few years we review the audit companies on our panel of approved third-party audit firms to maintain the quality and integrity of the Ethical Toy Program and ensure its effective and efficient implementation.

Following a detailed request for proposal (RFP) process, we are pleased to announce we have now selected four approved audit firms for the 2017-2019 Ethical Toy Program approved audit panel.

The four approved audit companies are ELEVATE, SGS, SCSA and UL. These firms are now accredited to conduct Ethical Toy Program audits.

Our new panel of approved audit companies consists of fewer audit firms than in the past, as we look to deepen our working relationship with audit companies to globalize the Ethical Toy Program and to ensure that all Ethical Toy Program audits are of the highest level of quality and integrity.

The audit process is a vital part of our decision making on whether Ethical Toy Program certification is granted to factories. The audit process is also part of the support we provide to factories in meeting the requisite standard and maintaining that performance in the long term for the benefit of all stakeholders, specifically their workers.

ELEVATE, SGS, SCSA and UL are all now conducting audits for Ethical Toy Program. We are transitioning out our previous audit firms who are now completing audit cycles.

Our new panel of approved third-party audit companies will remain in place until 2019 when we will conduct another review.

Please contact for further information.