IETP launches new Remediation Program – leveraging expertise to provide bespoke solutions for factories to achieve supply chain excellence

On September 1st, 2020, the ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) will officially launch the new Remediation Program, an enhanced version of the Probation Program. The program is designed to provide suppliers opportunities to utilize IETP expertise through bespoke guidance to prevent non-compliances from recurring.


The Remediation Program aims to elevate suppliers’ standards on social compliance management, reduce the number of audits needed, and empower them through effective technical support to resolve challenging issues permanently. The 9 and 12-month Remediation Programs offer targeted capability building support to suppliers as an alternative to the existing IETP Probation Program.


The pilot scheme started in July 2019 and has achieved positive feedback and results. With the support offered by the IETP specialists, over 90% of suppliers that have completed the Remediation Program have successfully rectified their non-compliances.


Differing from the approach of the audit-driven Probation Program, the Remediation Program is insight-driven and conducted through a combination of announced and unannounced visits. During the initial On-site Engagement visit (an announced visit), IETP specialists perform root cause analysis and gap analysis with the suppliers. Providing them with tailored advice and practical solutions according to their challenges, building trust and transparency along the way. The unannounced visit which follows is part of the dedicated monitoring on the improvement progress.


Suppliers in the program will hold an “In Remediation” certificate to show that they are in the process of rectifying non-compliances. Once they have completed the 9 or 12-month program and fulfilled IETP requirements, a full Certification of Compliance will be issued. IETP’s online responsible sourcing platform – Connect Platform – will show real-time updates to suppliers and their connected buyers. 


For further details about the Remediation Program, please read:

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