Ethical Toy Program Audit Protocol Handbook

The Audit Protocol Handbook contains the Ethical Toy Program Audit Checklist which details everything a factory needs to comply with to get Ethical Toy Program certified.

An advance copy of the finalized version of the new IETP Audit Checklist is available now, along with an overview of the other changes we are making in response to the public consultation and industry engagement. Please note that factories will be audited against the new IETP Audit Checklist from Nov 1st 2018. 

Click here to download the new IETP Audit Checklist and overview document to see all checkpoints and new gradings in full.



ICTI Code of Business Practices

ICTI CARE Process (now Ethical Toy Program) Interpretation

Section 1:

General Guidance

Section 2:

Audit Checklist 

Part 1: Factory Audit Overview and Audit Report Templates

Part 2: Working Hours

Part 3: Wages and Compensation

Part 4: Underage Labor

Part 5: Forced Labor & Prison Labor

Part 6: Disciplinary Practices

Part 7: Discrimination

Part 8: Employee Representation

Part 9: Facilities

Part 10: Fire Protection (Updated on 1st Aug 2016)

Part 11: Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) (Updated on 1st Aug 2016)

Part 12: Welfare – Dormitories, Canteen and Medical (Updated on 1st Aug 2016)





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