Responsible Recruitment Guidance to help factories navigate worker shortages caused by COVID-19

The manufacturing workforce in China is comprised mostly of internal migrant workers. As factories have started to resume operations, some of their workforce that traveled home for Chinese New Year may not have returned to their positions as soon as they wished to be because of disruption caused by COVID-19.

While the pressure of production is high and labor supply is tight, inadequate recruitment procedures can occur as factories struggle to recruit the quantity of workers needed to fulfill orders. Human Resource departments should, therefore, pay extra attention during the hiring process to ensure that correct procedures are followed and to avoid recruitment pitfalls.

IETP Audit Checklist requirements ensure that all work is voluntary, and all workers – whether recruited directly or indirectly - are treated equally, fairly and with respect at all times. Recruitment and employment processes must be free from discrimination, and every worker must receive training as appropriate to their role.

COVID 19 supply chain management - ethical recruitment

Guidance to support your factory through the transition

IETP’s Recruitment Practices Briefing provides clear guidance and best practice steps to help factory owners, managers, and supervisors avoid recruitment pitfalls, along with practical steps to help ensure your factory continues to meet IETP requirements as you navigate recruitment and resourcing challenges associated with COVID-19.

The Briefing explains the key recruitment risks which all factories should be aware of. Guidance in the briefing covers areas including how to verify identification to avoid hiring underage workers, advice when using labor agents or brokers, and on hiring student workers. Suggestions for internal communication mechanisms to identify risk and support workers are also included.

IETP encourages all factories and buyers to download IETP’s Recruitment Practices Briefing which is available in both English and Chinese.

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IETP recruitment practices briefing - a gudience to avoid recruitment pitfalls