How the Ethical Toy Program adds value for you:

The IETP program offers you industry-leading social compliance audits, trusted supplier certification, remote assessments, and multi-beneficial worker wellbeing initiatives. We were created by the industry for the industry,  requested and accepted by 98% of global brands & retailers, helping you to meet the responsible sourcing requirements of your customers, and open doors to the potential ones. Our certification proves you meet the required industry standard and you meet the customers need, getting approved quickly.

Program Benefits for Suppliers:

Accepted by 98% of brands & retailers

Once certified, you’ll meet the standard required by the industry. Connect you with brands, retailers & licensors who recognise our program.

Capability building programs

We offer in-person and online training and capability building programs to equip youwith the skills needed to achieve and maintain compliance.

We reduce duplication efforts

 One industry standard – removes the need for multiple audits.  We bring suppliers, brands, licensors and retailers together to ensure the program meets their needs, reducing costs for all

Enabling Worker Engagement

We help you understand the needs of your workers through our worker helpline and surveys, promoting good worker-management dialogue and practical advice.

We Facilitate Business Growth

Our technology platform, Connect, boosts your visibility to business partners all over the world.

Worker Well-Being Initiatives

We offer you access to a range of programs which are proven to boost retention, productivity and increase worker loyalty.

What we offer:

Supplier Certification

Our ethical certification program meets the social compliance needs of your customers and is accepted or requested by 98% of brands and retailers. We conduct factory audits and take an extra step to certify those who meet our industry-leading ethical manufacturing standard. To ensure you’re empowered to identify and remediate compliance challenges to improve up to our standard, we provide training, visits, and best practices along your certification journey.

Social Impact Assessments

This remote non-category specific self-assessment tool is designed to assess the effectiveness of the management systems in place to effectively manage labor, environmental, and health & safety compliance in your facility. It provides advice and improvement plan based on the findings, and could also be a steppingstone to full IETP Certification. 

Environmental Assessment

Broad range of environmental areas covered, low-cost & efficient Assessment providing companies oversight into the environmental impact of their value chain.

Worker Well-Being Initiatives

We offer certified suppliers the opportunity to run Worker Well-Being initiatives in your facility. Our programs: Family-Friendly Spaces, After-School Centers, Gender Equality, Migrant-Parent Training and our Worker Helpline, are win-win intiatives designed to improve the lives of workers while producing measurable business benefits for you and your customers.

How to get certified

Join the global community of ethically certified toy factories. 

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