Training Programs

IETP believes in continuous improvement, therefore we offer a range of training opportunities to factories, including online resources, in-person training sessions, open forums and best practice roundtables. These training courses focus on building factory knowledge and capability on responsible sourcing, supporting factories to make improvements, and helping them to get the most from the Ethical Toy Program.

Click + to view the details about some of the capacity-building opportunities we offer, IETP also customizes training content for buyers and suppliers according to your needs, click here for more.

Introduction to the Program

A free session tailor made for factories who are new to IETP, and for those who have participated our program in the past and are interested in re-applying. The one-day introduction to the program will explain the business benefits and opportunities that IETP certification brings to factories. Participants will also learn about all the service we offer and our range of training programs designed to support factories and help them meet our standards. It’s also a chance to meet our team member to discuss the challenges you are facing. Getting a solid grasp of the key aspects of the program will be a great start to your certification journey. 

Ethical Toy Program Essentials

These comprehensive, two-day training courses provide participants with a detailed understanding of the Ethical Toy Program. An in-depth explanation of Ethical Toy Program’s procedures and requirements is provided, along with practical operational examples. Designed to provide a detailed introduction for anyone new to the program.

Ethical Toy Program Advanced

This advanced course is tailor-made for certified factories that are eager to take their compliance practices to the next level. Participants have the option of either one or two-day courses dedicated to the topics of Labor Practice (Labor Law/Working Hours/Wages) or Environment, Health and Safety. The training will provide helpful case studies, thought-provoking discussion, and networking opportunities for factory management.

Fire Safety Training

This one-day training course on fire safety is tailor-made for certified factories and is aimed at helping them to deeper their understanding of fire accident causes, key control points, preventive measures and emergent response. Through the training, participants will strengthen and enhance fire safety prevention and control. The training will look at practical case studies and factory managers will have the opportunity to conduct in-depth discussions on specific cases.


Ethical Toy Program hosts regular free online webinars for factories covering a variety of topics and offering the opportunity for interactive question and answer sessions.

Onsite (customized) Training

This program will apply the expertise and in-depth knowledge of IETP specialists, obtained over years of working in the industry to support factory management. The content of the training program is flexible as each program is tailored to meet the specific needs of each factory. The programs can cover a wide range of topics to reflect the actual situation and current requirements of each factory, learn more.

Online Training

IETP factory members are given access to our animated training anytime & anywhere via the Connect Platform, these materials are developed according to the FAQs received from our helpdesk and during the Progress Visits, including topics such as how to differentiate direct and indirect worker. It aims to explain the IETP requirements in a simple and fun way.

Best Practice Roundtable

This half-day, peer-to-peer capability building roundtable is specially designed for factory owners and senior managers. The session offers a chance to explore the business benefits of ethical manufacturing; share best practices; understand the needs of your customers, and learn how to incorporate the Ethical Toy Program into daily operations to advance the performance of your business.

Open Forum

Open Forums offer ongoing support to Ethical Toy Program registered factories. The sessions provide direct access to Ethical Toy Program’s expert team, providing opportunities for factories to discuss challenges, ask questions, or get feedback on operational issues, Ethical Toy Program audits, transparency requirements, and more.