Supporting Migrant Workers through COVID-19

Migrant parent workers are particularly impacted by COVID-19. Many face extended periods of separation from their children as travel restrictions, reduced income, and increased work pressures further limit opportunities for families to connect and spend time together.  

School closures have created added challenges for migrant parents as they experience difficulties in supporting their children to catch up on lost study time while they are apart. A lack of adequate childcare options creates further complications for many workers. 

IETP is offering various programs to support migrant parent workers and their left-behind children through the COVID-19 crisis and recovery phases. 

Our Migrant Parents Training (MPT) courses help workers manage stress and anxiety, share advice on COVID-19 including guidance on health and hygiene, provide guidance on homeschooling, and help develop workers' remote parenting skills. These effective MPT courses can be easily delivered directly to workers’ mobile phones via WeChat or delivered as half-day, in-person workshops at factories.  

We ask toy brands, retailers and licensors to consider sponsoring the delivery of MPT to help us strengthen worker well-being and support families through this difficult time.

Please contact us at to discuss opportunities to deliver MPT and strengthen worker wellbeing at factories in your supply chain.