Online Training - Machinery and Fire Safety Training for Suppliers

The ICTI Ethical Toy Program believes workplace safety is vital as it helps to ensure a safe, harmonious, and productive work environment for all, that's why our social certification and assessment evaluate suppliers’ performance and management system in the relevant areas.

To promote safety awareness and enhance the supply chain, we offer safety training to suppliers in the IETP program, empower them with solid knowledge related to their production sites.

Training Schedule:

Session 1: 21 Oct (Thu) | 9:00am – 12:00nn CST,

Session 2: 16 Nov (Tue) | 9:00am – 12:00nn CST,

Cost: As part of our commitment to support IETP buyers and factory members to make positive impacts on the supply chain, it is FREE of charge.

Language: Putonghua


The training aims to raise awareness of the participants, empower them to identify and remediate potential risks in the production plants. We’ve invited an EHS expert to discuss the following topics with case studies and preventive measures:

1.       Fire Safety:

Common causes of fire, Classifications of fire and fire extinguishers, Fire prevention and emergency response+ more

2.       Machinery Safety

Risk control of machinery and equipment hazards, Tips to prevent Industrial Accidents + more

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  • If you have specific questions about your factory's situation or audit process (e.g.: CAP/ audit schedule), please contact the responsible IETP specialist directly.
  • Any inquiries about the webinar, please contact or 00852-21112462
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