UNICEF Representative visits IETP-certified Family-Friendly Factory

On Friday the 24th of February, UNICEF Representative to China Ms. Amakobe Sande visited IETP Certified factory, Golden Cup Printing Company in Dongguan, China.

UNICEF have supported the IETP Family-Friendly Factory program by providing expertise and guidance on family-friendly policies which has been fundamental to the program’s development. UNICEF provided seed funding to IETP in 2021 to enable a pilot of the Family-Friendly Factory Program.

The success of the pilot led to IETP announcing our ambition to enable 30,000 children to access childcare services with the support from their parents' employers, benefiting from the development of family-friendly policies in the workplace.

At Golden Cup Printing, Ms. Sande learned about the workplace policy changes the pilot program has introduced including flexible working hours, enhanced maternity leave and temporary leave to care for sick children. She also visited some of the childcare facilities for the children of workers and newly created breastfeeding facilities. Ms. Sande was pleased to learn that the pilot program has generated measurable impacts for the employees, especially the dramatic increase in employee satisfaction rates, reduction in employee turnover rate and increase in overall productivity.

Impact Report Data showed worker satisfaction rate after the implementation of family-friendly policy and other elements of the Family-Friendly Factory pilot was at 87%.

Key Impact Report Data collected from Golden Cup Printing factory after Family-Friendly Factory pilot program completion

We thank Ms. Sande and UNICEF for their support and for their work on Family-Friendly Policy, which has enabled us to develop this ground-breaking IETP Family-Friendly Factory Program.

More information on the Family-Friendly Factory program can be found here. If you are interested in sponsoring or nominating a factory to join the ambition, please contact us at: info@ethicaltoyprogram.org.