IETP's Workshop on Manager and Employee Relations in the Factory

IETP will host two online workshops for our Factory Certification Program members on Manger and Employee Relations. The workshops aim to give factories the tools to ease the labor shortage and manage the high turnover rates factories are currently facing. FREE tickets are limited, register now!

The workshop will equip management with important intercommunication skills that will help them become better leaders and create a more efficient & harmonious workplace for everyone.

For more online workshop details, please refer here: IETP员工关系管理专题工作坊.

Date: 26 July (past) & 25 October

Training fee: FREE, exclusive to factories in the IETP program

Training mode: Webinar

Language: Mandarin

Target audiences: Factory managers and Human Resources Professionals

The Manager and Employee Relations Workshop will Help You to:

  1. Learn important interpersonal communications skills in the workplace

  2. Tackle common myths about employee relationship management

  3. Understand ways to set healthy boundaries at work

  4. Grasp the basic principles to build strong relationships with employees

For more information & detailed instruction for the registration, please refer here: IETP员工关系管理专题工作坊.