IETP 将于路透社主办的Responsible Business Europe 2021会议上发言

IETP很荣幸能够成为路透社主办的Responsible Business Europe 2021之合作伙伴。





时间:10:50am – 11:35am (英国夏令时间)

IETP总裁兼首席执行官Carmel Giblin女士将与联合利华的代表Rebecca Marmot女士和AB INBEV的代表John Blood先生一同参与Empowering Action: Ensuring all Departments can Help Drive the Business from Ambition to Action 专题讨论。



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5 essential themes for 2021:

  1. The Sustainability Transition: Corporations need to restructure the business to seize future opportunities that the transition to a sustainable future will bring. Discover how to fully assess the opportunities that the transition will bring to your industry, and identify the investments, innovations and collaborations that will help you lead the sustainability transition.

  2. Decarbonising Business and Society: Create the roadmap and action for delivery. Discover practical ideas on how to deliver your net-zero goals through new innovations, engaging your supply chain, and putting regenerative nature-based solutions at the heart of the business.

  3. Putting Circularity at the Heart of Business: Transitioning the business from a linear to the circular business model is essential to meeting your Net-Zero target. Learn how to design out waste, keep materials in use, and adopt a regenerative approach to land use that helps build a resilient, circular business fit for the future.

  4. Mainstreaming ESG Finance: In the build-up to COP26 it’s imperative that we mobilise Finance to embrace, and help deliver, the impending clean and just transition. Understand how we can build a new finance system fit for a clean, resilient and just future – closing the gap between sustainable and economic growth.

  5. Social Equality & Impact: With diversity, equality and inclusion taking the main stage worldwide, now is the time for businesses to take the lead on key issues and drive real change within communities and across borders. Learn how to best drive action among key stakeholders.

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