Audit reports now updated with APSCA registration information

The Ethical Toy Program’s online responsible sourcing platform, Connect, now includes APSCA (Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors) registration numbers for each of the audit firms and accredited auditors on our audit panel. 

APSCA is an industry association working to enhance the professionalism, consistency and credibility of individuals and organizations performing independent social compliance audits.

Ethical Toy Program audits can only be conducted by either accredited auditors from our approved panel of audit firms or authorized Ethical Toy Program staff members. Our panel of approved audit firms includes ELEVATE, SCSA, SGS and UL.  

APSCA registration numbers were included in all audit reports published from 1st February 2019, and will now be visible in the Connect platform for audits conducted from the 1st February onwards. 

Ethical Toy Program accredited audit firms and auditors must hold APSCA registration 

Audit quality is at the heart of the Ethical Toy Program. Our entire team is dedicated to providing comprehensive, consistent and reliable social compliance assessments to advance working conditions for toy factory workers. We expect all our accredited third-party audit partners to adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics, credibility, and competence. 

The Ethical Toy Program shares the same vision as APSCA. We are focused on ensuring confidence in, and the quality of, social audits as well as the individuals and organizations who are conducting audits.

All audit firms and auditors conducting Ethical Toy Program assessments are required to hold APSCA registration. Once registered with APSCA, over time auditors will be required to become APSCA Certified.

How to view APSCA data in the Connect platform 

Once you have downloaded the audit report via the Connect Platform, under the section “Audit Information” you can find information about audit date, audit type, audit firm and auditors in the table. The registration numbers follow the name of the firm and the auditor(s).

For example:

Audit Firm registration numbers are displayed as APSCA#

Auditor registration numbers are displayed as RA


On the APSCA website, you can search the registration number of individual auditors to check the validity.

Access to the Connect platform is exclusively available to registered factories and our buyer members. The platform offers multiple supply chain management tools to buyers enable you to view and manage audit data, set and receive real-time factory alerts and updates, and search for new ethically certified factories. More information on Connect is available here.

To learn more about APSCA please visit If you have any enquiries regarding Ethical Toy Program’s work with APSCA please contact