IETP Worker Voice Pilot is underway after a successful kick-off event in Shenzhen

On 4th July 2018, ICTI Ethical Toy Program hosted a successful event for the new IETP Worker Voice Pilot Program in Shenzhen, China. The event has attracted around 100 representatives from toy brands, toy associations and toy factories to learn more about the exciting opportunity this new technology offers. 

The worker voice platform will be used to distribute digital education directly to workers to increase workplace safety, knowledge of workers’ rights, and to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth through gamified learning. 

During the kick-off event, the President & CEO of the ICTI Ethical Toy Program, Ms. Carmel Giblin, shared the objectives of the pilot, encouraged participants to share feedback with us anytime during the pilot and to join us to evaluate the program once it is completed.  Representatives from Micro Benefits introduced their company, the functions of the “Company IQ” platform as well as its implementation process with demonstration. 

The pilot has also been welcomed by toy brands. During the meeting representatives from The Walt Disney Company, Mattel and INNO shared insights on the importance and benefits of effective communication and engagement between frontline workers and factory management. 

Factories who have signed up for the program will soon be able to start the implementation process. For factories who have not yet signed up but are interested in joining, there is still limited space available in the pilot program. To learn more, please read the 10 reasons to join our free pilot program

Factories can contact Nancy Chen to find out more and to join the pilot; brands and retailers are encouraged to nominate IETP Certified toy factories from their supply chain to join the free worker voice pilot program, for more information please contact Mark Robertson