The Toy Industries of Europe Announces Winners of their 2022 Play for Change Awards!

We would like to extend a huge congratulations to all of the winners of the Toy Industries of Europe (TIE)'s Play for Change Awards, with special mention to our program members: the LEGO Group & Mattel, Inc. for their respective awards.

See full list of Play for Change winners below.

More information on the Toy Industries of Europe (TIE) can be found here.

Sustainability Award Winners:


Matchbox – Driving toward a better future
Mattel, Inc. 

The judges felt that, given the size of Mattel, this initiative would have a large sustainability impact. The main highlight replacing the plastic screens on matchbox packaging with an all-cardboard package, which already has had an impact.


Blue Marine Toy

The judges really liked the materials used in this range of toys. Across the whole range, the recycled bag was their main highlight. Being made from sustainable materials and that it could be used long term showed that dantoy were committed to sustainability.


Rubbish Race
Juguetes Cayro

The judges liked the wide commitment to sustainability from Juguetes Cayro. The fact that the game not only educates but also that the toy uses recycled material in its production shows real interest in sustainable practices.

Diversity & Inclusion Award Winners:


Lundby Dolls

The judges liked the ‘normalcy’ of this toy and appreciated how the diversity isn’t really signposted. They liked that the inclusivity was a feature rather than the sole selling point.


Dolls with hearing aids


The judges recognised that the doll was a great entry for a disability that doesn’t get much attention. They recognised Miniland’s continued commitment to representing children with disabilities that aren’t immediately visible.


Baby Pelones

Fundación Juegaterapia

The judges thought that the dolls would be great at raising awareness for this cause. They also thought that they were empowering children with cancer by allowing them to identify with the doll. Finally, they also liked that profits from these dolls go to children’s hospitals that support the cause.

Life Skills Award Winners:


Doom the Gloom


The judges thought that the gamified learning should be rewarded since the topic is crucial for children today. They also thought that the game gave children the skills to safely navigate the digital world.


Emotions Buddy


It was clear during the judging that this toy helps children of a young age tackle complex emotions. The judges liked that the toy is aimed at children in a younger age bracket and so can be used from an early stage.


H2 Fuel Cell Car


This toy stood out to the judges due to its novelty. The toy also gained points because of its double use. Children are engaged during the assembly of the toy and when learning about how the car moves.