Would you like your factory to be included in a free promotional campaign at international toy fairs?

ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) is here to help factories who are in the program, in addition to providing training and capability building opportunities we want to provide opportunities for factories that adhere to our high standards of ethical manufacturing to find buyers.

In 2019, we provided more opportunities for buyers and factories to connect, with our business matching services at international trade shows and the launch of our first-ever promotional catalog to showcase IETP certified factories at toy fairs.

Our new services have been well received by buyers and factories, the catalog has served as a useful reference for buyers and has been a great opportunity for factories to raise their profile. Given the popularity of the 2019 catalog we will be offering this service again at the 2020 toy fairs. We will create a promotional catalog for IETP certified factories covering the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair, Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair, and the New York Toy Fair.

In addition to factories exhibiting at these fairs, we will also accept applications from factories that are not exhibiting at these fairs, space permitting. In order to be included, please send the completed application form with product images to us by 13th December 2019 (Friday) via info@ethicaltoyprogram.org.


What is the catalog about?

The catalog aims to promote factories exhibiting at the international fairs, and helps buyers to source from factories that are already meeting international responsible sourcing standards. In addition to hard copies distributed at the fairs, an e-version of the catalog will be sent to over 1,000 buyers supporting IETP program, providing additional outreach to international buyers who may not be attending the fairs. Here's an example from last year.


Is it compulsory to join the campaign?

No, joining the campaign is optional. It is a great way for factories to get in front of key buyers attending leading international toy fairs.

Since the fairs are fast approaching, please returned your completed form to info@ethicaltoyprogram.org by 13/12/2019. Applications only need simple information such as a) company name b) booth number at toy fair (if applicable) c) contact details of your sales representative d) product images with descriptions to give buyers an idea of what you are making. 


My factory is not attending any of these fairs, can we still apply for this free promotional campaign?

Yes, this year we are piloting a catalog that includes non-exhibiting factories.


Will it cost me anything to list in the catalog?

No, listing your factory is free of charge benefit offered to IETP Certified factories.


How will IETP promote the catalog?

a)       The catalog will be sent directly to buyers via email

b)       The catalog will be promoted via social media including LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat to reach different sectors

c)       The catalog will be shared with international and local toy associations to share with their members

d)       Factories who are participating in the catalog will receive permission to print hard copies if they wish (*cannot make amendment(s) to the content)


How to apply?

1)       Return the completed form to info@ethicaltoyprogram.org by 13/12/2019

2)       Attach up to 3 images to the email (jpg format with high resolution)


Please contact info@ethicaltoyprogram.org or +852-21112462 if you have any questions.