How the ICTI Ethical Toy Program Adds Value:

We provide buyers with the tools and support needed to improve supply chain transparency and stability. Membership to our program provides essential oversight and assurance of labor standards, it also goes beyond social audits to strengthen supplier engagement. Helping your products arrive on shelf quickly.

Program Benefits for Buyers:

Assurance of the labor standards in your global supply chain

 On-the-ground teams where your suppliers are

Support and enhance your ESG strategy

Expand your supplier base with ethical factories

Instant alerts if disruptions occur in your supply chain

Services we offer:

Supplier Certification

Supported ethical sourcing certification & remediation program providing trusted assurance that suppliers meet the social compliance requirements of the industry with no outstanding non-compliances

 Buyer Membership 

Enhanced access to membership features including our Connect Platform, providing transparency of your suppliers performance, help finding new ethical suppliers, and dedicated support from our  on-the-ground teams.

Social Impact Assessments

A tool for companies to measure and improve the effectiveness of management systems in place to protect workers’ rights and ensure safe workplace conditions

Environmental Assessment

Broad range of environmental areas covered, low-cost & efficient Assessment providing companies oversight into the environmental impact of their value chain.

Worker Well Being Programs

We have a range of worker well-being programs including programs which promote gender equality, support working parents and families, and our Worker Helpline