Exploring manufacturing opportunities in Vietnam

In June, Ethical Toy Program and the Shenzhen Toy Industry Association (SZTIA) co-hosted a seminar ‘Introduction to Compliance Regulations in Vietnam’.  

In recent year, the ‘belt and road' initiative has increased interest in expansion opportunities in Southeast Asia amongst Chinese manufacturers, and many have established subsidiaries in Vietnam and Indonesia. 

During the seminar, we shared information on the business environment, culture and common challenges in Vietnam, alongside insights on labor practices, overtime, and environmental health and safety requirements in Vietnam.

SZTIA also invited factories already operating in Vietnam to share insights and tips from their experience of establishing a business in the country. 

Over 100 factories and buyers attended the seminar, with participants reporting that they found the seminar very useful. Ethical Toy Program plans future capability training session in Vietnam, full details of all our training session are available here.