Gender Equality Program Webinar for Factories- Registration Open Now

IETP has developed a Gender Equality program webinar for Factories taking place on November 18th, outlining the program, its benefits, and how factories can access tools & information to implement gender equality measures. Webinar information below:

“What does gender equality mean? What are the advantages of implementing gender equality policies for manufacturing businesses?" In recent years, more and more buyers have integrated a gender perspective into their supply chain due diligence, encouraging manufacturing businesses to make efforts to raise their employees’ awareness of gender equality, review gender discrimination risks, and establish gender equality mechanisms.

To help IETP-certified factories learn about gender equality, the benefits of incorporating gender equality policies and how to formulate, promote, and implement gender equality measures, we have developed a Gender Equality Program Webinar which will be FREE for factories to attend on November 18th,  2022. All leaders from middle and senior management in IETP-certified factories are invited to join the webinar.

Date: 18 Nov 2022 (Friday)

Time: 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm (GMT+8)

Target: All leaders and middle and senior management from IETP-certified factories, including CSR & HR professionals

Language: Mandarin


·      Introduction to the concepts of gender equality, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and workplace violence

·      Illustrate the necessity and importance of promoting gender equality in factories

·      Learn how to implement the free gender equality guidance tools offered by IETP

·      Understand the steps to formulating and implementing gender equality measures for factories

Gender Equality Program Webinar for Factories

Webinar Outcomes:

·      Enhance your understanding of gender equality and its related concepts

·      Understand the benefits of promoting gender equality in factories

·      Understand how to access, download and use gender equality guidance tools

How to Register:

·      Click the registration link above. Once you arrive on the registration page, fill in your name, email address, IETP factory ID, and factory name.

·      IETP will verify and confirm the information provided by the registrants. Only approved registrants will receive a confirmation email and a webinar link.

·      Limited tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to limited availability, please advise us if you will not be able to attend the webinar so we can permit others to join.

·      If, one week before the webinar date, approved registrants have not received a confirmation email or webinar link, please contact us at:

·      Stable Wi-Fi and a speaker are required for attending the webinar, please set up the required equipment with your IT department prior to the start of the webinar.

·      For any inquiries unrelated to the webinar, including payment method, CAP, and the audit arrangement, please contact your IETP representative directly.

·      Should you have any queries before the webinar, please feel free to contact us by email at or by phone at 00852-21112462.