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The ICTI Ethical Toy Program publishes briefings, reports and investigations on a broad range of supply chain management, responsible sourcing and ethical manufacturing topics.

Guidance Briefings

Family-Friendly Spaces: Impacts & Achievements 2021

(October 2021)
2021 was the 6th year of the Family-Friendly Factories program. This Impact Report celebrates the the impacts and achievements from the 11 factories which participated in the 2021 program, with insights from the 9 factories which ran repeat Family-Friendly Spaces and from

the 2 joining the program for the first time this year. The report shows how our Family-Friendly Spaces continues to deliver profound benefits to all participants, even during these unprecedented times. For workers and their children, they can transform parent-child relationships, and support the developmental needs of children. For participating factories, measurable business impacts prove FFS is an effective solution to combat labor shortages and improve employees engagement at all levels.

Family-Friendly Factories: Five Years of Progress – Impact Report 2016-2020

(November 2020)
2020 is the 5th year of the Family-Friendly Factories program. This Impact Report celebrates the achievements of our Family-Friendly Factories over this time and gives special mention to our Worker Helpline, a core component of our commitment to supporting worker well-being. These incentives are great examples of how businesses can get involved to improve their supply chain management and advance their supply chain social responsibility.

IETP Worker Helpline – Celebrating 10 Years of Support

2020 marks the tenth anniversary of the ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) Worker Helpline. Over the last decade, our Worker Helpline has provided free, confidential counselling and advice to 17,776 workers – supporting them across a broad range of personal and work-related issues.

Purchasing Practices Guidance for COVID-19

Responsible purchasing practice guidance to support buyers during COVID-19. The guidance offers best-practice recommendations for good purchasing practices to help buyers manage risks, protect business continuity and safeguard workers through the COVID-19 crisis and recovery.

Supporting Migrant Workers with Left-Behind Children in China

(Updated April 2020)

IETP operates various worker well-being initiatives to support migrant parents in China. This document outlines the benefits of these worker well-being programs and explains how your company can participate.

Family-Friendly Spaces: Impacts and Achievements 2019

A look at the Family-Friendly Spaces program which grew to its biggest size ever in 2019, at 30 factories accommodating 1,100 children and supporting 1,240 workers with their child-care needs. This impact report shows the measurable and positive impacts that support the FFS program growth each year.

Worker Helpline Briefing – Successfully Addressing Factory Workers Concerns

(February 2019)

An overview of how the IETP Worker Helpline operates and the impacts it has made since its launch in 2010. To ensure workers are aware of the IETP Worker Helpline service, in our code of practice, IETP certified factories in China are required to share the toll-free worker helpline number with their workers.

Introducing Progress Visits

(October 2018)

New post-certification visits for factories. Aims to increase the level of support IETP offers to factories, reduce audit frequency and promote greater openness and transparency in the supply chain.

Program development – consultation and changes overview

(Version 3 | Updated 30 October 2018)

An overview of changes to the ICTI Ethical Toy Program made in response to consultation feedback and industry engagement

Recruitment Practices Briefing - Guidance for Toy Factories on avoiding peak season hiring pitfalls

(Updated February 2021)

Annual Review

Our Annual Reports help you learn more about the progress and highlights of the Ethical Toy Program.