Ethical Toy Program Leadership webinars cover a broad range of responsible sourcing topics.

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Anatomy of a toy: impact, innovation, best practices and child rights

A deep dive into the Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBPs) and their applicability to the toy industry and responsible sourcing. In this webinar, the Ethical Toy Program, Save the Children and the Centre for Child Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility (CCR CSR) explore how the CRBPs are relevant for the toy industry.  We outline the relevant child rights issues which toy companies should be aware of within their supply chains, and also share best practice and case studies showing practical actions which Chinese toy factories are taking to both promote family-friendly workspaces and advance child rights.

Integrity & Fair Play: Identifying and Investigating High-Risk Factories

This webinar looks at Integrity Investigations and how the Ethical Toy Program detects bribery, improper influence, and other audit integrity issues. Learn how we identify high-risk suppliers, analyze the root causes of bribery, and implement key protocols for prevention. We’ll also discuss the training and support we offer to factories to help them implement effective systems for business integrity.​

Supply Chain Solutions to China's Left Behind Children Problem

An exclusive look at two worker well-being programs from the Ethical Toy Program supporting domestic migrant workers with Left-Behind Children in China. Find out how these programs are benefiting workers and their children – whilst driving benefits for the factories which support them.

Subcontracting in the Toy Industry: Hidden Risks and Fake Factories

Any company that sources toys needs to be aware of the social and ethical risks of subcontracting. Learn how the Ethical Toy Program evaluates and monitors subcontracting in the toy industry and understand more about the dangers of “fake factories” and how we work to uncover these.

Insights on India

"Insights on India" takes a close look at the state of responsible sourcing in the Indian toy industry – fresh from our visit to the KidsIndia Toy Fair in Mumbai. Get an advance look at our work to support women’s empowerment in India with BSR.

Introduction to Responsible Sourcing in the Toy Industry

This webinar gives you a better understanding of the Ethical Toy Program (Formerly the ICTI CARE Process) and how responsible sourcing plays a vital role in the toy and entertainment industry.

Modern Day Slavery Risks in the Toy Supply Chain

Legislation and regulation has created new obligations for toy companies in addressing modern day slavery risks. Learn how the Ethical Toy Program is working to address modern day slavery risks in the toy industry supply chain.

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