Meet our team

Our global team is passionate about driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices.

The ICTI Ethical Toy Program is overseen by our independent, multi-stakeholder Governing Board. The board is made up of representatives from toy brands & retailers, factories, associations and civil society organizations.

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Carmel Giblin

President & CEO

Carmel Giblin is the President & CEO of the ICTI Ethical Toy Program and has been with the organisation since February 2015. She is responsible for the overall success of the Ethical Toy Program globally.  

Carmel believes passionately that businesses globally have a duty to behave responsibly, at all times protecting the rights of their workers, the communities in which they operate and the environment in which they live and work and is proud to be part of the world’s leading initiative committed to improving the lives of workers involved in toy and juvenile products production.

Before joining the Ethical Toy Program, Carmel was the CEO of Sedex for five years – an organisation that, under her leadership, grew to become the largest technology and services company operating in the responsible sourcing sector globally.

Carmel’s earlier roles include: Head of Corporate Responsibility & Accessibility at Sky, Europe’s leading entertainment company, Buyer at retailers Somerfield, Waitrose, and Exxon Mobil and in supplier organisations Britvic Soft Drinks and Allied Domecq in roles that included customer management, risk management and organisational design and effectiveness reviews.

Languages spoken: English

Follow Carmel on Twitter: @CarmelGiblin

Johnny Kong

General Manager, Asia Operations

Johnny joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program as the General Manager of Asia Operations in February 2017. He is responsible for overseeing the monitoring and development of the Ethical Toy Program program, ensuring quality and integrity throughout its implementation, advancing the Connect Platform, and supporting delivery of world class training and capability building programs.

Before joining the Ethical Toy Program, Johnny worked at Decolav, a US-based design house of high-quality furniture and bathroom products, where he was the Managing Director of Asia Operations. Prior to this, he was the Senior Sourcing Manager at Lowe’s Global Sourcing Hong Kong Ltd. He brings a wealth of leadership and operational management experience to the Ethical Toy Program team, gained from his 15 years working in the international manufacturing industry.

He received a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Victoria in Canada and a Master of Science in Engineering Management at the City University of Hong Kong.

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin

Mark Robertson

Senior Vice President

Mark Robertson is Senior Vice President at the ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) and has been with the organization since August 2015. A member of the Leadership Team, Mark leads on the development of IETP’s worker well-being programs, stakeholder engagement, and global communications. Mark works closely with IETP’s brand and retailer members, engaging at the senior level to support responsible sourcing strategies and to drive collaboration across the industry.   

Mark is passionate about sustainability, and a firm believer that being more responsible creates better businesses. Before joining the Ethical Toy Program, Mark was Head of Marketing & Communications at Sedex Global where he led the organization’s press, public relations, and marketing work. Prior to that Mark was Head of Communications at responsible investment research firm EIRIS Vigeo. Mark is a graduate in Environmental Science and is a qualified Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM).

Languages spoken: English

Follow Mark on Twitter: @CSRCommunicator

Anita Lo

Program Director

Anita joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program as Program Director in January 2019.  She is responsible for overseeing the Program Support & Engagement Team to provide value to all stakeholders as well as developing and implementing activities that increase the number of manufacturing members, focusing on Mainland China as well as other important sourcing countries in Southeast Asia.  

Before joining the Ethical Toy Program, Anita worked at OBI, a German DIY retailers as a Head of Division for Technic team. Prior to this, she was the Sourcing Director at Lowe’s Global Sourcing Hong Kong Ltd. She has over 20 years of experience sourcing from suppliers in China and Asia and with 10+ years of senior managerial experience.  She has great knowledge in global supplier base and strong strategic vendor development experience.  She has proven to be a strong leader able to inspire the team to the next level.  

She received a Bachelor of Management from the South Australia University and a Master of Marketing from the Macquarie University. 

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin 

Sarah Ng

Manager, Corporate Communications

Sarah joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in September 2012 as Communications Officer and was promoted to Corporate Communications Manager afterward. She reports to Mark and serves as an integral member of the global communications team overseeing external & internal communications strategies in Asia.

Sarah received a Bachelor in Linguistics from the University of Waikato and a Master of Arts in Language Studies from the Hong Kong Baptist University. She previously managed communications and public relations at one of the leading NGOs for their Greater China area and has always been interested in the CSR sector.

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Japanese (basic)

Follow Sarah on Twitter: @_NgSarah

Áine McCarthy

Manager, Social Impact Program

Áine joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in 2015 as Communications Assistant and in 2016 was promoted to Assistant Manager, Marketing and Communications focusing on marketing, branding, and communications including delivering our rebrand and new website in 2018. In 2020, Áine became Manager, Social Impact Program. Based in the London office, Áine manages the Social Impact Assessments. This tool focuses on the use and effectiveness of management systems within factories, which should be in place to support good labor standards. Áine holds a BA in French and Management from King’s College London. She brings experience in communications, digital marketing, and graphic design and is passionate about design and business as a force for good.

Languages spoken: English, French

Follow Áine on Twitter: @ainemc

Connie Ng

Supervisor, Finance, Human Resources & Administration

Connie joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in March 2019 as Supervisor of Finance, Human Resources & Administration Department based in Hong Kong. Connie has over 15 years’ experience in the accounting field.  She also has experience in managing administrative & HR matters in Hong Kong and China. Connie is responsible for handle full set of month end closing, budget and forecast.

Languages spoken: Cantonese, Mandarin, English

Mandy Yuen

Assistant Accountant, Finance, Human Resources & Administration

Mandy joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in June 2017, her responsibilities include support daily accounting duties, and assist the preparation of month end closing and accounting reports, as well as provide support to the Human Resources functions. Mandy brings over 10 years accounting experience which gained from various industries, trading, properties, and entertainment. She based in Hong Kong and reporting to the Supervisor of Finance, Human Resources & Administration Department.

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin

Kathy Leung

Administrative Assistant, Finance, Human Resources & Administration

Kathy joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in February 2018 as Administrative Assistant of Finance, Human Resources & Administration Department based in Hong Kong. With over 3 years of experience in Accounting, Kathy is responsible for supporting daily accounting duties while providing office administrative and clerical assistance to the Human Resources functions.

 Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin

Christine Chan

Program Executive, Program Support & Engagement

Christine joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in June 2019 as Program Executive, Program Support & Engagement based in Hong Kong. Christine is responsible for coordinating with factories and accredited third party audit firms; assisting in the promotion of the IETP program; providing full support to all stakeholders of the program.

Languages spoken: Cantonese, Mandarin, English

Evon Chun

Program Executive, Program Support & Engagement

Evon joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in June 2019 as Program Executive of Program Support and Engagement based in Hong Kong.  Her role is to coordinate with factories, accredited third party audit firms, provide general program information, and assistance and/or research and conduct activities to support and promote IETP program.  Assist in providing services to our stakeholders including factories and local client accounts.

Before joining IETP, Evon worked in DiD HK Limited as a Business Development Officer to manage different corporate events and gained strong experience in project management.  She received a Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing in Hong Kong Baptist University.  

 Languages spoken: Cantonese, Mandarin, English

Philip Liu

Assistant Manager, Program Support & Engagement; Integrity & Sustainability

Philip joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in January 2016 as Senior Specialist and was part of the Program Monitoring & Development Team before his recognition transfer to Integrity & Sustainability in 2017. Philip is mainly responsible for originating strategies to strengthen integrity of the Ethical Toy Program by setting out approaches to implement integrity polices & investigations. He also supervises anti-corruption training for factories and auditors.

Philip holds a Bachelor of law, is certified as an IRCA Leader Auditor and has 10 years of social compliance experience. Before joining the Ethical Toy Program, Philip led a team of 10, in one of the largest multinational audit firms, assuring report quality and assessing the capability of new auditors.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin

Shirlie Shang

Specialist, Program Support & Engagement

Shirlie joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in May 2019 as Specialist Program Support & Engagement based in China. She is mainly responsible for coordinating the Progress Visit (PV) schedule, conducting Progress Visits, supporting factories on the implementation of appropriate corrective action plans, as well as monitoring the accredited audit firms’ PV reports quality and performance. Before joining the Ethical Toy Program, she worked at two third party audit firms as an auditor, report reviewer, and CAP manager for 5 years on CSR audits.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin, French (basic)

April Yu

Assistant Manager, Program Monitoring & Development

April joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in July 2012 as the team’s Supervisor based in China. She reports directly to the team Manager and is responsible for audit report review, seal approval, QC audits and other related technical issues. April is additionally accredited as an RBA and Ethical Toy Program auditor and holds an SA8000 certificate. She previously worked for a third party audit firm where she performed audits in mainland China and Southeast Asia.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin

Jojo Li

Assistant Manager, Program Monitoring & Development

Jojo joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in March 2013 as Senior Specialist and was later promoted to Supervisor of the department in Jan 2015. Jojo is stationed in China, and is responsible for aduit firm management, factory training, auditor training, and policy updates. Prior to joining the Ethical Toy Program, Jojo spent six years working in social auditing in a third-party audit firm where she supervised a group of 12 social compliance auditors.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin

Eric Lin

Senior Specialist, Program Monitoring & Development

Eric joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in May 2014 as Senior Specialist based in China and was promoted to Supervisor in January 2020. He is responsible for program development, audit firm management, investigation of allegations and conduct capacity building for stakeholders. Eric holds an IRCA SA8000 certificate and has 14 years of social compliance experience in brands, retailers and trading companies where he conducted COC and C-TPAT audits and monitored sustainable programs for factories in mainland China and Vietnam.

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin

Serena Zhong

Senior Specialist, Program Monitoring & Development

Serena joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in March 2016 as Specialist based in China and was later promoted to Senior Specialist. She is responsible for conducting factory social audits, supporting factories on the implementation of appropriate corrective action plans, performing QC audits and assisting in auditor & factory training, as well as managing the accredited audit firms. Before joining the Ethical Toy Program, she worked at an Ethical Toy Program accredited audit firm as an auditor and technical reviewer for 4 years on EMS and C-TPAT audits. Serena is an accredited Ethical Toy Program auditor and holds an IRCA ISO14000 certificate.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin, Japanese (basic)

David Liu

Senior Specialist, Program Monitoring & Development

David joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in May 2016 as Specialist based in China. He is responsible for performing QC audits, reviewing audit reports, and monitoring the audit quality of accredited parties. David has over 10 years of social audit experience at brands and international trading companies where he conducted factory audits and provided trainings for factories in mainland China for continuous improvement. David holds a SA8000 certificate.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin, Cantonese (basic)

Freeman Fang

Assistant Manager, Program Monitoring & Development

Freeman joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in May 2017 as Senior Engineer of Program Monitoring & Development Department based in Hong Kong. He is responsible for the development and enhancement of the Connect Platform to ensure the program operation is effective. He brings over 10 years of solid experience in QA and Manufacturing.

Freeman received a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering from City University of Hong Kong.

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin

Sam He

Assistant Manager, Program Support & Engagement

Sam joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in May 2016 as Senior Specialist based in China. Sam is responsible for factory training and auditor training, and handing technical enquiries from factories. He holds an SA 8000 certificate with more than 11 years’ experience in supply chain management and factory management. He previously worked as senior compliance consultant helping factories in mainland China to develop and verify the implementation of corrective plans.

Languages spoken: Mandarin, English, Cantonese

Molly Jiang

Supervisor, Program Support & Engagement

Molly joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in July 2013 as Specialist based in China. During her first two years with the organization, she was responsible for conducting factory social audits, supporting factories in the implementation of the appropriate corrective actions plan and performing QC audits. Since 2015, she has started focusing on the worker well-being program such as Ethical Toy Program Worker Helpline and Family-Friendly Spaces (FFS) program to advance the working conditions and well-being for the workers. Molly has 8 years social audit experiences at factories and 2 years at brands; she is also experienced in human resource management.

Languages spoken: Mandarin, English, Cantonese (basic)

Nancy Chen

Senior Specialist, Program Support & Engagement

Nancy joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in October 2016 as Specialist based in China. Nancy is responsible for factory & auditor training, as well as handling technical inquiries from factories. Nancy has more than 10 years’ experience working for multinational electronic manufacturing factory and Telecoms company, she worked to monitor the compliance status and sustainable development in the supply chain. Nancy also holds ISO14001, OHSAS18000, and SA 8000 certificates.

Languages spoken: Mandarin, English

Ann Mou

Helpline Specialist, Program Support & Engagement

Ann joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in January 2018 as Specialist based in China. Ann is responsible for maintaining the Worker Helpline service by providing advices and counseling to factory workers on work-related and personal affairs.


Languages spoken: Mandarin, English

Shalin Zhou

Helpline Specialist, Program Support & Engagement

Shalin joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program in October 2018 as Specialist based in China. Shalin is responsible for maintaining the Worker Helpline service by providing advices and counseling to factory workers on work-related and personal affairs.

Languages spoken: Mandarin, English, Cantonese


Jane Van

Senior Specialist, South East Asia

Jane joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program as the Senior Specialist for South East Asia in November 2018. She is responsible for enhancing overseas support from IETP to suppliers and audit firms in SEA, especially in Vietnam.

Jane is based in Vietnam; she is responsible for engagement with suppliers, vendors, clients and auditors in Vietnam and SEA. Jane provides support on interpretation of local laws, handles Progress Visit with experience, establishes relationships between suppliers and auditors of audit firms and vendors, and arranges suppliers’ annual training and auditors’ annual calibration training for Vietnam and SEA. 

Before joining the Ethical Toy Program, Jane spent three years working for Underwriters Laboratory VN as Operations Manager of Responsible Sourcing Department in charge of CSR audits and training. Prior to this, she was Assistant to Operations Manager of Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services VN; Deputy Technical Manager of Bureau Veritas Certification and auditors for SA 8000 for nearly 13 years and lead auditor of clients COC, SA 8000, SMETA/Ethical Trade audit, C-TPAT, ISO 9001:2015 and other clients standards. During over 15 years’ experience in CSR audit, suppliers’ training and management, she has trained up many auditors in CSR field during working for BVCPS and UL RS. With this wealth of experience, she brings expertise and support to all suppliers in SEA on the ICTI Ethical Toy Program and local laws.

Jane received a Bachelor of Science in Organic Chemistry at the Science University of HCMC, Vietnam and a Bachelor of Business Administrative at the HCMC Economic University of HCMC, Vietnam.

Languages spoken: Vietnamese, English

Edena Low

Co-Chair, Governing Board

Edena Low is Vice President, Supply Chain Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) and Sustainability at Mattel, Inc. In her role, Edena is responsible for creating a world-class Responsible Supply Chain, encompassing Workplace Safety & Health, Environmental Sustainability and Socially Responsible Manufacturing.  Edena is focused heavily on partnership with line management to build a culture of care at Mattel and for their business partners throughout their global supply chain. 

Edena is also responsible for Mattel’s Responsible Supply Chain Standards, making sure that all of their workplaces provide a safe work environment, treat employees fairly and ethically, and comply with local labor laws and industry standards.  She also ensures that Mattel lives up to its commitments to reduce its impact on the planet. In additional to her global responsibilities, Edena has oversight for Mattel’s External Affairs in the Asia Pacific region.  She is based in Hong Kong.  

Prior to joining Mattel, Edena was Chief Operating Officer for North Asia and Vice President of Asia Pacific Legal and Government Relations at Wyndham Worldwide where she had lead business teams in introducing shared ownership models to the region, including best practices in regulation, and consumer protection mechanisms for the industry.  She was a key member of the regional leadership team, and had responsibility for the North Asia business.  

Edena formally trained as a lawyer, graduating with honours from the University of London, and began her career as a corporate lawyer at Singapore’s largest law firm of Allen & Gledhill, before deciding to take her skills in-house and has had stints at American Standard, Iomega and Ingram Micro, all US-listed corporations, where she was regional counsel.

Jonas Moberg

Co-Chair, Governing Board

Jonas Moberg is Head of Corporate Affairs at Trafigura. Jonas oversees Trafigura’s external relations, communications and corporate responsibility strategies.

Jonas joined Trafigura after stepping down as Executive Director of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), where he has headed the International Secretariat since 2007. 

Jonas was a Senior Advisor to the UN Global Compact. Prior to that, he was Director Corporate Policy and Practice at the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, London, which he joined 2002. At IBLF he oversaw the Forum’s programmes ‘Business and Human Right and Conflict’ and ‘Business and Corruption’.

During 1996-2002 Jonas worked for the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. During this tenure he worked at the Foreign Ministry in Stockholm and was posted to Mozambique and the United Kingdom.

Jonas holds Masters degrees in Law from the University of Stockholm and the London School of Economics. During 1992-1996 he was the vice chairman of the Swedish National Committee for United World Colleges.

Jonas has documented his experience and learning from eight years of managing the EITI in a book co-written by Deputy Head, Eddie Rich: Beyond Governments: Making Collective Governance Work - Lessons from the EITI (2015). 

Jonas is married to Jenny and they have three sons.

Alan Hassenfeld

Chair Emeritus, Governing Board

Alan Hassenfeld is the former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Hasbro, Inc., a multi-billion dollar international toy company. Under his leadership, Hasbro has become a worldwide leader in children’s and family entertainment. Its brands and products are some of the most recognizable and respected throughout the world.

Alan is a business leader with a passion for philanthropy. His far-reaching impact has crossed local, regional, national and international borders. From the beginning of his career, he has been involved in literally hundreds of charitable and social causes. His enthusiasm and spirit has touched the lives of millions of people—and impacted communities across the world. Whether he is fighting for the human rights of manufacturing workers in Asia or making decisions as the Chairman of the Scholar Athlete Games, his energy and guidance always provide positive results.

Alan believes in active leadership. Through his charitable work and foundation participation, he has the ability to stay involved in hundreds of community, social and political causes. These include primarily children’s issues, social responsibility, and political reform. His goal is always to focus on what can be done better and what needs to be developed in order to establish foundations for future success.

Mr. Hassenfeld has been honored many times for his efforts. His awards come from diverse organizations including universities, charitable organizations, political and religious communities as well as corporate institutes. Many are lifetime awards—which is a reflection of his beliefs. Alan has focused much time throughout his life on issues and concerns throughout the world. He used his position as Chairman of the Board at Hasbro to break barriers and build foundations, positively affecting the lives of people across the world.

Mr. Hassenfeld has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He has numerous honorary degrees from prestigious universities around the world. He lives in Rhode Island, USA with his wife.

Alain Délétroz

Governing Board Member

Alain Délétroz is the director General of Geneva Call.

A Swiss and French national, Alain Délétroz has an experience of more than twenty years of work in conflict regions or in countries under strong political tensions. His areas of expertise include the Andean countries and Brasil; Russia, North/South Caucasus and Central Asia; EU external action; West Africa; conflict assessment and conflict resolution; democratic reforms, humanitarian assistance.

His professional background includes: Executive in Residence at the Geneva Center for Security Policy (2014-2017), Vice-President at the International Crisis Group, Brussels (2002-2013); director, Open Society Institute, Tashkent, 1998–2002; delegate International Committee of the Red Cross, Moscow, 1994–1998; Adult literacy and capacity building project manager, Interteam, Carabaya, Peru, 1986–1991.

At the International Crisis Group he authored a series of articles on almost all the conflicts covered by this organization. At the GCSP he chaired a discreet diplomatic process on a major protracted conflict. And now at Geneva Call he is engaged in a permanent humanitarian dialogue with close to 80 armed non state actors around the globe.

Mr Délétroz holds a Masters from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, as well as bachelors in cultural anthropology, sociology of organizations and Russian studies from Paris IV and V - Sorbonne, and in Quecha language from the Institut National des Langues Orientales. Fluent in English, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Quecha, he has authored and edited several books, from a monograph on Carabaya province - Peru, to Russian text books, a guide to Quecha grammar and an essay on Russia.

Auret van Heerden

Governing Board Member

Auret van Heerden has over 40 years’ experience working on issues of human and labor rights. He began as a student in apartheid South Africa, serving two terms as President of the National Union of South African Students. After graduating he launched a number of NGO’s before going into exile in 1987.

He spent a dozen years with the ILO, two years as Labour Attaché in the South African Permanent Mission in Geneva, and 13 years as head of the Fair Labor Association before stepping down in December 2013.

He is currently developing a new Academy for Sustainable Business with campuses in China and elsewhere, and providing advisory services through his consultancy, Equiception. He serves on the Board of the Institute for Human Rights and Business and the Sustainability Advisory Board of Nespresso.

Geoffrey Greenberg

Governing Board Member

Geoffrey Greenberg is Co-President of Just Play Toys, LLC. Geoffrey Greenberg is Co-Founder of Just Play, LLC, the #7 toy company in North America. Since its inception in 2010, he has overseen Product Development, Marketing, Licensing, and Operations. He was instrumental in establishing Just Play’s operations in Asia, building an office of over 200 people as well as forming manufacturing and R&D facilities. Domestically, he was responsible for building the team and facilities in the Pennsylvania and California corporate offices of over 100 people.

Mary Beth Goodman

Governing Board Member

Mary Beth Goodman is an international development and anticorruption policy expert who has worked with governments, civil society organizations, the private sector and international institutions to advance human rights and social justice.

She served as the Special Assistant to President Obama and Senior Director for Development, Democracy and Humanitarian Affairs at the White House, where she was responsible for advising the President and National Security Advisor on a wide range of issues.  

Ms. Goodman previously served as a U.S. diplomat including in a variety of overseas postings and in Washington, D.C.  During her career, she developed and negotiated economic, trade, extractives, energy, and infrastructure agreements and worked on a broad range of international economic and development issues.

Prior to that, Ms. Goodman practiced international trade law and worked as an attorney-advisor for U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the Department of Homeland Security.  She participated in the negotiations of several free trade agreements and oversaw the implementation of preferential trade programs for Africa and the Caribbean.  She advised clients on the classification and rules of origin for imported goods as well as compliance with retaliatory trade sanctions.

Ms. Goodman earned an L.L.M. in International & Comparative Law from Georgetown University Law Center, a Juris Doctor from Chicago-Kent College of Law, and a Bachelor of Arts from James Madison University.  She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a certified mediator in conflict resolution.

May Liang

Governing Board Member

May Liang is President of the China Toy and Juvenile Products Association (CTJPA). In addition, Mrs. Liang has assumed the role of President of the International Council of Toy Industry (ICTI) since 2015. Prior to becoming President of CTJPA, she was Executive Vice President from 2005 until 2014 and Secretary General from 2000 until 2004. 

She also serves as Vice Chair of China National Toy Standard Committee and China CCC Committee. Mrs. Liang has served as experienced industry advisor with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNASCA), and National Science and Technology Awards Committee(NSTAC). Prior to joining CTJPA, she had 15 years of experience in government agency, research institute, trading cooperation and engineering factory. Mrs. Liang holds a Master of Engineering from China and an M.B.A. from the United States. 

Michael Hyde

Governing Board Member

Michael Hyde joined the Character Group in 2005 where he is responsible for the operational management of the Far East operation including sourcing, product development, factory management, quality assurance, quality control, social and ethical supply chain management, and logistics. Michael was appointed  to the Main Board of The Character Group in 2011. Prior to joining Character, Michael spent a number of years working for Mattel Inc., the NASDAQ listed US toy designer and manufacturer, where he held a number of management positions, focusing on brand management, marketing and product development. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Mandarin Chinese and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Michael Widman

Governing Board Member

Michael Widman is an international business, legal and compliance professional providing strategic and operational advice to consumer brands, retailers and licensees in the areas of responsible sourcing initiatives, social compliance programs, and licensing arrangements.

Until recently, Mr. Widman was head of The Walt Disney Company's International Labor Standards (ILS) Program where he built and managed one of the largest and most successful social compliance programs in the world.  During his tenure at Disney, Mr. Widman’s responsibilities included managing a global team in developing and implementing Disney’s strategies and policies relating to the ethical production of Disney’s branded consumer products in Disney’s vertical retail and licensing businesses; overseeing Disney’s global ILS facility monitoring and compliance program; and managing external stakeholder engagement, collaboration and communication activities in the labor standards area.  Mr. Widman also conceived Disney's Supply Chain Investment Program that has provided millions of dollars of grants to programs supporting worker empowerment and improvements in working conditions.  In addition, Mr. Widman was responsible for restructuring Disney's product safety policies and program.  Mr. Widman has also served as VP of Business Development for Disney’s Corporate Alliances Department where he was the successful development of Disney’s global sponsorship and marketing joint ventures with companies such as American Express, Nestle, GM, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. 

Mr. Widman has provided strategic consulting to international enterprises including MasterCard, McDonald's and DIRECTV.

Michel Moggio

Governing Board Member

Michel Moggio is currently Director General of FJP, the French toy industry association since 2013.

Mr. Moggio was born in France and graduated from HEC Paris business school in 1978. He started his career in marketing functions for blue chip food companies and then gained 20 years of experience in the toy sector as General Manager of Hasbro French subsidiary and afterward Vice President International of Mega Brands inc.

Mr. Moggio is also a Board member of Toy Industries of Europe, European Nursery Products Confederation and serves as Vice President at the International Council of Toy industries.

Miguel Martin

Governing Board Member

Miguel Angel Martin Gonzalez has been president of the Mexican Toy Industry Association (AMIJU) since 2003 and in 2018 he was elected as President of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI). Mr Martin is the founder of Proarce, a manufacturer of containers, displays and boxes as well as founder of Industrias Plasticas Martin (Martins Toys) a leading promotional products company in Mexico.

Olivia Lankester

Governing Board Member

Olivia is Global Head of Social Impact at the LEGO Group. She has over 20 years leadership experience in the Corporate Responsibility and Labour Standards area, currently responsible for the LEGO Group’s social impact strategy with a focus on parents, children and Learning Through Play. Until recently, Olivia led the LEGO Group’s Responsible Sourcing program, covering LEGO production sites, direct suppliers and the licensing business globally. In this role, she led a strategic review of the LEGO Group’s Responsible Sourcing strategy, in close collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, launching the LEGO Group’s new Responsible Business Principles and supporting operating procedures.

Previously, Olivia held CSR and leadership roles in fashion retail (Monsoon Accessorize), finance (BMO Asset Management) and management consulting (PricewaterhouseCoopers). She also spent two years seconded to the UK Government Cabinet Office as an advisor on social & environmental issues. She has a long-standing commitment and passion for driving change with a focus on finding pragmatic and business focused solutions. Outside of the LEGO Group, she sits on CARE International’s Programme & Policy Committee and has deep interest in the role of multi-stakeholder partnerships in addressing social & environmental challenges.

Synésio Batista da Costa

Governing Board Member

Mr Costa is president of Abrinq Foundation and ABRINQ, the national toy association of Brazil and its charitable foundation. He has worked in the toy association for 35 years, in 1985 he founded ABRINQ as well as the world’s fourth-largest toy fair, ABRIN. Mr Costa has represented Brazil on the International Council of Toy Industries for more than 20 years and is an active participant involved in the original creation of the ICTI CARE Process which became the ICTI Ethical Toy Program as we know it today.

27 years ago, Mr Costa founded and chaired the IQB - Toy Certification Institute, which has extensive experience in taking care of the quality of toys that are sold to Brazilian children. 29 years ago, he founded the Abrinq Foundation for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, a non-governmental entity, which, through its programs and projects in the 27 Brazilian states, has supported over 9 million children to date.

Mr Costa is passionate about the positive impact the toy industry can have on people’s lives from children across the world to workers in the supply chain.

T.S. Wong

Governing Board Member

T.S. Wong is Chairman and Founder of Jetta Company Limited.  Under Mr. Wong’s leadership over the past three decades, Jetta has become one of the world’s largest and most reputable OEM manufacturers and has achieved enormous success invarious markets worldwide.

Dedicated to promoting the toy industry, Mr. Wong was the first Asian to become President of the International Council of Toy Industries and served in this role between 2004 and 2007.  He was instrumental in formulating and promoting the Council’s Code of Business Conduct that has formed the basis of unified factory audit standards, the ICTI Ethical Toy Program.  He has also served as Advisor to the General Committee of the Toys Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong 2012-2014 and Honorary President of the Hong Kong Toys Council since 2001.

While heavily engaged with his business, Mr. Wong is also strongly committed to philanthropic work.  In 1998, he founded the Jetta Charitable Foundation which has given financial support to the construction of about sixty schools, and provided sponsorships and donations for various educational foundations in the Chinese mainland.

Mr. Wong’s contributions also extend beyond Hong Kong to the Mainland community.  He is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the People’s Political Consultative Conference in Guangzhou, and has served as Honorary Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Guangzhou Foreign Investment Enterprise since 2005.

Mr. Wong has received many awards for his contributions to the toy industry, including the Outstanding Award of the Hong Kong Toy Industry in 2001 and the Industrialist of the Year Award 2011.  He was named Honorary Citizen of Guangzhou in 1993, and was presented the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Outstanding Alumni Award in 2009.

William S. Reese

Governing Board Member

Bill Reese was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the International Youth Foundation in 2005, having joined  IYF in May 1998 as its Chief Operating Officer. He was President and CEO of Partners of the Americas for twelve years. Previously, he served with the Peace Corps for ten years, first as a volunteer in Salvador, Brazil, then as director of Brazil operations, and in Washington as deputy director of the Latin American and Caribbean region.

He currently sits on the board of The Prince's Youth Business International in the UK as well as InterAction, where he served previously as Chair. Mr. Reese has also joined the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation Board and serves as a board member of two organizations committed to certifying best practices in global supply chains in the apparel and toy industries: W.R.A.P. and ICTI Ethical Toy Program.

Reflecting his interest in promoting international volunteerism, he has joined the boards of Encore International Service Corps and Global Citizen Year. Mr. Reese received his BA in Political Science from Stanford University and is a 1995 graduate of the Business School’s Executive Program.

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