Worker engagement

We use worker voice technologies and our established Worker Helpline to support factory workers and gather data on worker safety, well-being and satisfaction.

Worker Helpline


Since its launch in 2010, IETP Worker Helpline has been supporting workers employed at Chinese Factories participating in the Ethical Toy Program. As of June 2021, the Helpline has assisted over 19,000 factory workers by providing free, confidential advice and information.

From April 2021, we have expanded the Helpline service to Vietnam to further facilitate the communication between workers and factory management.

Worker Helpline: 4001-583580 

The Helpline offers free, confidential counselling and guidance to help workers manage work-related issues in their working and personal lives. It also acts a confidential grievance mechanism, enabling workers to raise any concerns regarding their safety or well-being with us for further investigation.  

Factories value the Helpline as it provides professional counselling and support service for their workforce. The helpline also enables factories to understand and identify potential hazards or workplace concerns they may have been unaware of. 

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