Worker engagement

We use worker voice technologies and our established Worker Helpline to support factory workers and gather data on worker safety, well-being and satisfaction.

Worker Helpline


Our Worker Helpline supports workers employed at Ethical Toy Program certified factories in China. The Helpline has assisted over 14,000 factory workers since it was launched in 2010.

Worker Helpline: 4001-583580 

The Helpline offers free, confidential counselling and guidance to help workers manage work-related issues in their working and personal lives. It also acts a confidential grievance mechanism, enabling workers to raise any concerns regarding their safety or well-being with us for further investigation.  

Factories value the Helpline as it provides professional counselling and support service for their workforce. The helpline also enables factories to understand and identify potential hazards or workplace concerns they may have been unaware of. 

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Worker voice pilot


The Ethical Toy Program is piloting worker voice technology at 50 toy factories in China. 

These pilots will enable us to conduct large-scale worker surveys, deployed via a mobile phone engagement platform, to empower frontline workers to share truthful, relevant information on their working conditions, well-being and job satisfaction.

Mobile-phone based engagement platforms offer convenience to workers, enabling them to share feedback via a platform they are comfortable with so they feel confident expressing feedback.

The mobile engagement platform will be used to support general Ethical Toy Program audits. Workers will be given a QR code and 5 or 6 brief questions to answer. This will work in the same way as current worker interviews but will be conducted at much larger scale, covering 50% of the workforce, better validating audit data and ensuring integrity.

We will also use the platform to survey workers on their needs and concerns, and to gather workers’ preferences on specific issues such as working hours. Through harnessing workers’ perspectives, we will further develop the program and work collaboratively with factories and brands to address issues raised.

We will be able to analyze audit findings and distribute tailored training content accordingly. We can see which factories have particular issues and then send tailored training to address findings to their workforce.

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