Worker resource library

We offer free resources to help factories develop and support their workers, including a worker helpline, online training courses and educational videos covering a health & safety, worker-management communications and worker well-being.

Worker Helpline

Our free, confidential Helpline supports workers employed at Ethical Toy Program registered factories in China.

Download the Helpline Card in English or Chinese.

Download the Helpline Poster in English or Chinese.

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Online training courses

Ten online worker training courses, developed by Verité, covering labor rights, life skills, and health and safety awareness – designed for factories and their workers.

Click here to access the training courses, and enter the following details:  

  • Username: ICTI CARE
  • Password: 480414

After you have logged in, click on the link to the videos then enter the video password to watch:


Communication and Grievance

"Do you know how to communicate with management? Do you know how to express your opinion? Through this video can find the answer!"

Click here to access the video. Password: 154920

Interpersonal Relationships

"Have you ever felt it hard to communicate with other people? Or do not others understand what you mean? This video may help you to improve on these issues!"

Click here to access the video. Password: 633165

Resources to educate workers on local labor law (China)

Please download and print the Helpline Card or Poster, or you can order hard copies here.


Free Rural-Urban Integration illustrated booklet to support migrant factory workers

Feedback from factories in the Ethical Toy Program tells us that migrant factory workers from rural communities can sometimes struggle to adapt to working life when they first arrive in the city. This can reduce levels of well-being amongst workers, and ultimately impact negatively on productivity.

To help, the Ethical Toy Program has produced a Rural-Urban Integration illustrated booklet for migrant factory workers in China. The booklet is full of useful tips and information on how to adapt to city life and workplace culture.

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